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What's Happening Now?



Currently the entire dig operation is being conducted in the field and the site has been prepared for the efficient processing and cataloging of our results.

As we continue our work, new equipment and processes are developing.

Sun Shades

Tank Tarp

Several types of tarps have been used to protect the team from the heat and sun. The summer dig began during a July heat wave where temperatures reached over a hundred degrees in the shade.


Portable Canopies

Canopy Repair

The corner plastic brackets of most of our new portable canopies softened and contorted in the heat causing the structures to collapse... to the rescue, duct tape and determination.

Water and Electricity

Artifact rinsing

We've been able to get water for washing artifacts and hosing down foundation walls, by running several lengths of hoses from nearby campus water sources. In addition, we have secured electricity to power the computer for cataloging the artifacts.


Swinging Sifter

Swinging Sifter

We've successfully modified the screen size for the swinging sifter and have been able to process material efficiently.


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