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Our database will include texts , images, audio files and video clips for learning Hebrew. It is a work in progress. The first materials to be added are video clip and audio files (already available for use). Most of the clips include transcripts in Hebrew and translations to English. We are hosting the Hevenu Shalom Aleikhem program in addition to programs which were developed at Stanford. You can search the keywords "Hebrew at Stanford," "Hevenu Shalom Aleikhem" or "other" to see the material by owner. Please contact Vered Shemtov (vshemtov@stanford.edu) with any questions.

Search Tips:

The search will work only in English.

You can narrow search results by limiting the search to a certain level of proficiency in Hebrew. Choose from the following. Make sure to add the quotation marks when typing more than one word in this category:
Novice Low, Novice High, Intermediate Low/Mid, Intermediate Mid/High, Advanced Low, Advanced Mid/High, All Levels

You can search for content by tense--in present tense, past, future and present/infinitive by entering the words: past, present, etc. Content in present tense is limited to present tense, content in the past includes present and past tense and content in future tense includes usually all tenses and forms.

You can try searching any word or topic or choose one of the following:
Apartment, Introductions, Furniture, Food, Shopping, Directions, Greetings, Telephone, In the Street, Numbers, Verbs such as: want, give, go, have, can, Pronoun (this category includes et-pronoun, for-pronoun, etc.), Time, University, My, Computer, Friends, Married, Travel, Apologize, Schedule, Sport, Party

You can limit the search to results which are in a certain file format:
Video, Audio, Text, Image, PDF, Link, Forms

To search by item type enter one of the following categories:
Interview, Scene, Phone Message, Transcript, Assignment, Translation, Grammar Notes, Culture, Other

Software Requirements:

Users need to have Real Player v10.0 Using SureStream technology this will stream at connect speeds for 56K modems and LAN 260K. Find the "Free Real Player" link located in the upper right hand corner of the page, choose the "Basic Player" download: http://www.real.com/player/index.html