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Hevenu Shalom Aleikhem


clipsVideo Clips (workbook):

(t) = transcript (a) = assignment z



other clipsOther clips (not part of the workbook):



hevenu shalom aleikhemSelected clips from Hevenu Shalom Aleikhem (see the entire program and copyrights)



cultureMusic, Literature, Film:

Israeli Music:

Material for Hebrew Literature classes:

Other clips:

An interview with Orly Castel Bloom

The Mikve (from Anat Zuria's movie PURITY)

Ronit Matalon (restricted)

Poetry and Movement Theatre (Oshra Elkayam Movement Theatre): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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On the Phone:payphone

Phone - Dialogues:

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Yigal, Yaara, Dana,Erez, Dvora, and Israeli Consulate.



passportIsraeli Portraits:

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