Stanford Hermanas in STEM is in support of the black community in the U.S. Specially amid the recent events of police brutality and racism.

Our statement of solidarity as well as resources of how the latinx community can support the black community can be found here:

Statement of solidarity with the Black community

Pronuciación de solidaridad con la comunidad Afroamericana

Declaração de solidariedade com a comunidade Negra

Stanford Hermanas in STEM is a student organization that aims:

  • To build a community to support Latina (female) graduate students from STEM disciplines on the Stanford campus.
  • To partner with other individuals, organizations, and departments on the Stanford campus that advocate for and support the success of Latinas in STEM at the graduate level and beyond.
  • To promote the recruitment and retention of Latinas in STEM at the graduate level and beyond at Stanford.
  • To provide a forum for academic, community service, professional development and social activities at Stanford.

Although Stanford Hermanas in STEM’s targeted group is latinas in STEM, we welcome everyone who is interested in supporting the success of Latinas in STEM. This includes men, people from various ethnicities, and students in any discipline outside STEM.