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David Rasch
Director of the Stanford Help Center

What’s writer’s block? Do I have it? Why do I wait to the last minute before writing? Why do I get so nervous whenever I have to write? This is a special session with David Rasch, who regularly deals with such questions. Dr. Rasch is a psychologist and the director of the Stanford Help Center, a counseling service for the faculty and staff of the university. He has assisted writers with productivity problems for the past 15 years through classes, workshops, support groups and individual sessions. Dr. Rasch teaches a class entitled “Overcoming Writing Blocks and Procrastination” through Stanford’s Continuing Studies Program, and has presented on his group work with tenure-track junior faculty at state and national conferences. He authored a chapter on assisting university faculty and staff through organizational changes in the book Process and Organizational Redesign. He is currently writing a book designed to help writers who are struggling with blocks, anxiety, procrastination, and related difficulties.

Monday, November 17, 2003, 7 p.m.
Stanford Writing Center, Basement of Margaret Jacks Hall (Bldg. 460)

Check back soon to see the transcript of David Rasch's How I Write Conversation.