Student Essays (STS145)

Title Attached files
"Floyd Here Now!" A Study of Planetfall's Most Enduring Character kshimano_2004_1.pdf
"Regression" Progression: Non-Photorealistic Rendering Choices in Game Design thurlbutt_2004_1.pdf
A (very) brief history of cheating akuo_2001_2.pdf
A Case History of the Success of Dance Dance Revolution in the United States dliu_2002_1.pdf
A Case in Study: Tomb Raider lzieske_2003_1.pdf
A Devil in Disarray: How Hacking for Profit Has Crippled the Online Economy of Diablo II smontgomery_2003_1.pdf
A Perfect Storm Starcraft as a window into Blizzard’s design philosophy and success sduffy_2003_1.pdf
A True Revolution: Case History of the Design of Dance Dance Revolution atsang_2001_2.pdf
Action Movies…The Video Game? adembo_2003_1.pdf
Activision: A ‘Recognizable’ and ‘Rewarding’ Business Plan nshuett_2002_1.pdf
Adventure Gaming: Where has the quest gone? hdouglass_2002_1.pdf
Aerobiz Supersonic: A Glimpse into the Addictive Business Simulation flam_2002_1.pdf
Ancient Domains of Mystery and Roguelike Games rhensley_2002_1.pdf
Archon Review akuo_2001_1.pdf
Asheron’s Call: Redefining The Role Of Player Killing vzhulin_2003_1.pdf
Auteurship and Narrative Modulation in Eric Chahi’s Another World apop_2002_1.pdf
Battlecruiser: When Good Intentions Go Bad nfang_2001_2.pdf
Beautiful Bounty Hunter: The Story of Samus arayner_2003_1.pdf
Betrayal at Krondor nfang_2001_1.pdf
Beyond the Violence… A look at the complex world of Counter-Strike dle_2003_1.pdf
Bladerunner ztejada_2001_1.pdf
Blizzard Entertainment: A Case History or The Right Way to Make a Computer Game ldaley_2003_1.pdf
Bnetd and Blizzard dhsieh_2004_1.pdf
Bringing the Sony Playstation to Japan: A Case of Business Fitting the Technology zmhu_2003_1.pdf
Captain Skyhawk dmccune_2001_1.pdf
Case History of The King’s Quest Series jchou_2002_1.pdf
Case History Prospectus: The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge khhan_2002_1.pdf
Case History: Final Fantasy Series cchao_2001_2.pdf
Case History: Harry Potter Game Series qyong_2004_1.pdf
Case History: Historical Perspective on The Legend of Zelda ssylvis_2001_2.pdf
Case History: Pac Man jsamberg_2001_2.pdf
Case History: Sim Basketball kwallace_2003_1.pdf
Case History: The Evolution and Success of College Football Videogames jbrownell_2003_1.pdf
Case History: The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games zmiddleton_2002_1.pdf
Case History: The History of Football Games tthomas_2002_1.pdf
Case History: The Star Control Games yphu_2001_2.pdf
Case History: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? mwaddell_2001_2.pdf
Case Study of Westwood Studios jmancuso_2001_2.pdf
Case Study: First Generation Pokèmon Games for the Nintendo Game Boy gshin_2004_1.pdf
Chrono Trigger jfan_2001_01.pdf
Chrono Trigger wshen_2001_1.pdf
Chrono Trigger Review cbruner_2001_1.pdf
Civilization sfu_2003_1.pdf
Civilization: Sid Meier’s Legacy sstephenson_2001_2.pdf
Civilization: Sid Meier’s Legacy nmintz_2003_1.pdf
Coming to America: The making of Final Fantasy VII and how Squaresoft conquered the RPG market glow_2001_2.pdf
Command and Conquer plarson_2002_1.pdf
Command and Conquer in the Development of Real-Time Strategy adevkar_2003_1.pdf
Companions Of Xanth clee_2001_1.pdf
CPR for the Arcade Culture achan_2004_1.pdf
Crafting a World: Understanding the Preeminence of Warcraft in the Real Time Strategy Genre mkodiak_2002_1.pdf
Cultural Transcendence with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time mcarbin_2004_1.pdf
Dance Dance Revolution: A True Revolution mbalauag_2004_1.pdf
Diablo Review ajiricek_2001_1.pdf
Dope Wars and PDAs: The Technophile Drug Dealers Have Finally Found Their Platform hgunday_2002_1.pdf
Edutainment – Evaluating the Social Change-Value of Carmen Sandiego zpogue_2001_2.pdf
Everquest: An Equation for Addiction wrozelle_2002_1.pdf
EverQuest: Blurring the Lines Between Reality and Fantasy ksimmons_2003_1.pdf
EverQuest: Virtual Property Rights klee_2004_1.pdf
Evolution of Video Game Controllers: How Simple Switches Lead to the Development of the Joystick and the Directional Pad Evolution of Video Game Controllers: How Simple Switches Lead to the Development of the Joystick and the Directional Pad wlu_2003_1.pdf
Fallout: Rebirth Through Nuclear Holocaust plai_2002_1.pdf
Flight Models in Flight Games bmalfitano_2003_1.pdf
From Diablo to Gate: Differences in Computer RPG Theory hosaki_2002_1.pdf
From Gruden to Belichick: The AI of John Madden Football dkent_2004_1.pdf
From Populous to Dungeon Keeper: A Tale of God Games pwhuang_2001_2.pdf
Full Throttle aperkins_2001_1.pdf
Galaga and Vintage Gaming: A Look at Galaga’s Place in the Classic Gaming Industry mramirez_2002_1.pdf
Game and Game Console Emulation: The Preservation of Video Game History lwu_2002_1.pdf
Game Noir: A Case History of LucasArts’s Grim Fandango flam_2002_1.pdf
Game Review: Tekken 2 cchao_2001_1.pdf
Game Review: Wipeout yphu_2001_1.pdf
Game Review: Wolfenstein 3D–Influencing a New Genre ssylvis_2001_1.pdf
Go West, Young Bandicoot jdelahunt_2004_1.pdf
Goddard Is Victorious jtannaci_2001_1.pdf
GoldenEye: The Quest to Re-Invent the Video Game Standard. mflannery_2002_1.pdf
Graphics in Adventure Games jlopez_2002_1.pdf
Half-Life Everywhere! mchang_2001_2.pdf
Have YOU Been Tetrasized? bnycum_2001_1.pdf
Headshot! achan_2002_1.pdf
History Has Never Been So Addictive: The Legacy of Sid Meier and the Civilization Series sadam_2002_1.pdf
Huffin’ And Puffin’: Can Exercise Games Make the Finish Line? rlin_2002_1.pdf
Hypersonic: The Meteoric Rise and Fall of Sega ewu_2002_1.pdf
id as Super-Ego: The Creation of Duke Nukem 3D rpatnode_2001_2.pdf
If it’s in the game, it’s in the game! The Evolution of Madden Football mmarquez_2003_1.pdf
Industry Armageddon: Can Heroines Save the Game Industry? dferrand_2003_1.pdf
Intellivision: Its Legacy, and the evolution of baseball video games jtam_2002_1.pdf
Interactive Music in Computer and Video Games rbarrett_2001_2.pdf
Joining the Evil Galactic Empire bmovius_2001_1.pdf
Jones in the Fast Lane mkochendorfer_2001_2.pdf
King's Quest: Quest for the Crown pchu_2001_1.pdf
KOEI’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms: A Titan in Japan, Tit-Mouse in the US jory_2001_2.pdf
Legend of the Red Dragon rehrenriech_2002_1.pdf
Leisure Suit Larry clynskey_2001_2.pdf
Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out zpogue_2001_1.pdf
Lessons from the Game Cartridge kchristopher_2004_1.pdf
LucasArts and Lucasfilm: A Good Deal for All Involved tdorie_2001_2.pdf
LucasArts and the Design of Successful Adventure Games: The True Secret of Monkey Island cwarren_2003_1.pdf
Marathon Review adriscoll_2001_1.pdf
Marathon: Game Review echan_2001_1.pdf
Mario Mania! A Case Studio of the Mario Culture nhennings_2001_2.pdf
MarioKart in the Hierarchy of Videogames mjuarez_2003_1.pdf
Marmalade, Jute, and Video Games jfu_2005_1.pdf
Maximum Convergence jhwang_2002_1.pdf
Maxis’s Metropolis: The Evolution of the SimCity Series mlakkur_2003_1.pdf
Mega Man 2 gschaeffer_2001_1.pdf
Mega Man II jbarnett_2001_1.pdf
Meridian 59: The Rise and Fall and Rise of the First 3D Massively Multiplayer Online RPG zwyatt_2002_1.pdf
Metal Gear Solid: an Example of What Game Design Should Be ehao_2002_1.pdf
Mortal Kombat: Flawless Victory? jtannaci_2001_2.pdf
Music-based Videogames rsegnini_2002_1.pdf
Myth: The Beaten Path Less Traveled By Bungie adriscoll_2001_2.pdf
Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion A Investigation in Girl Games atsang_2001_1.pdf
Neverwinter Nights: Bioware Brings the Tabletop to the Desktop efurtado_2003_1.pdf
Nintendo 64 versus Sony PlayStation: The Cartridge/CD-ROM Battle sjohnson_2003_1.pdf
Nintendo’s Legacy of Sequel Supremacy: A Case Study of Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee nansari_2002_1.pdf
Ogre Battle Review eliao_2001_1.pdf
On the Romance of Regicide: The Turk, Kasparov, and Deep Blue jshedlestky_2003_1.pdf
On the Trail of the Wolf amccunniffreid_2002_1.pdf
Online Role-Playing Games: There is nothing new under the sun. sguilliams_2002_1.pdf
Oregon Trail and the Evolution of Educational Games uacholonu_2002_1.pdf
Pac-Mania: How Pac-Man and Friends Became Pop Culture Icons srisken_2002_1.pdf
Phantasmagoria aong_2001_1.pdf
Pioneering Computer Toys dgustafson_2004_1.pdf
Playgrounds for the Digital Age: Super Mario 64 and the Emerging Identity of Videogames as an Immersive Medium dwilson_2003_1.pdf
Pokémon: The Games Behind the Phenomenon and Phenomenon Behind the Games wshen_2001_2.pdf
Postal 2 hmayer_2003_1.pdf
Quake: 3-D is Just the Beginning rjones_2000_2.pdf
Resident Evil: A Survival Horror Game from Capcom vlo_2001_1.pdf
Review of Dragon Warrior (The Original) for the NES tperry_2001_1.pdf
Review of Final Fantasy VII glow_2000_1.pdf
Review of Lemmings pwhuang_2001_1.pdf
Review of Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting tkolich_2001_1.pdf
Review of TECMO Super Bowl jmancuso_2001_1.pdf
Sega and The Demise of the Dreamcast dreeves_2003_1.pdf
Sega: The effect of corporate conflict on game design rtan_2001_2.pdf
Shigeru Miyamoto: Game Designer pchen_2002_1.pdf
Shoot the Moon: Purple Moon and its Influence on Girl Games jyu_2003_1.pdf
Sid Meier's 'Civilization' bpalmer_2001_1.pdf
Sid Meier’s Case History dsalinas_2004_1.pdf
Side Scrollers: A Planar Odyssey mtong_2001_2.pdf
Sierra Online’s Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood mkochenderfer_2001_1.pdf
SimCity Classic: History and Review ealbert_2001_1.pdf
Simply Smashing rratan_2002_1.pdf
Sojourn magnich_2001_1.pdf
Sonic the Hedgehog clucas_2001_1.pdf
Sound of Music: The Form, Function, and History In Video Games adouglas_2002_1.pdf
SquareSoft: What’s Behind the Hype? mchun_2002_1.pdf
Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters ysoon_2002_1.pdf
Starcraft: Beyond WarCraft in Space bshen_2003_1.pdf
Street Fighter II rtan_2001_1.pdf
Street Fighter II: The Original Warrior mchang_2001_1.pdf
Subspace Review rbarrett_2001_1.pdf
Super Mario Bros. 3 tdorie_2001_1.pdf
Super Mario Bros. Heritage nchopra_2001_2.pdf
Super Mario Brothers cmontgomery_2001_1.pdf
Super Mario Kart tbrown_2001_1.pdf
The Adventures of Josie True achew_2003_1.pdf
The Annelid Menace (The Worms Attack) sstaley_2001_1.pdf
The Driving Technology Behind Quake III: Arena echan_2001_2.pdf
The Dune Series jlee_2001_2.pdf
The Future of 3D Graphics Technology: Will the Movies Maintain Their Lead on the Desktop? gdicker_2003_1.pdf
The Game Boy’s Advance: A look at the staying power of Nintendo’s best-selling console cwang_2004_1.pdf
The History and the Future of Console and Arcade Emulation rjacob_2003_1.pdf
The History of Tex Murphy ztejada_2001_2.pdf
The Impacts of Medievia and Medthievia lmzen_2003_1.pdf
The Legend of Zelda nchopra_2001_1.pdf
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Timely Flagship for the N64 okoelman_2002_1.pdf
The Legend of Zelda: Where it All Began mwaddell_2001_1.pdf
THE MYSTERIOUS LARA CROFT: Digibimbo vs. Digiheroine rfernandez_2002_1.pdf
The NBA Live Franchise: An analysis of gameplay and marketing advances over the years since its inception bilegbodu_2004_1.pdf
The Philosophy of the Sims dchan_2003_1.pdf
THE PLUMBER AND THE HEDGEHOG: A Case Study of Two Games that Defined the Epic Nintendo-Sega Rivalry gnuval_2003_1.pdf
The Religions Behind Final Fantasy akuo_2001_2.pdf
The Rise and Fall of Street Fighter II vlo_2001_2.pdf
The Secret to Miyamoto’s success: An analysis of his early achievements and setbacks cstockman_2004_1.pdf
The Sims and the Need for Fantasy rdaniels_2003_1.pdf
The Story of The Sims tshaiman_2003_1.pdf
The Technological, and Business Tactics That Lead to StarCraft’s Success skjono_2002_1.pdf
The World of Cricket afadia_2004_1.pdf
There and Back Again: The Story of Subspace zpu_2002_1.pdf
To Burn or Not To Burn: That is the Troll Test owurman_2003_1.pdf
To Err is to Human And Ultima Online… mmicheletti_2003_1.pdf
Tomb Raider clee_2001_2.pdf
Toying with the Game: Transgression and Subversion in Everquest ttulathimutte_2004_1.pdf
Video Game Music: Nobuo Uematsu and the Music of Final Fantasy wlue_2003_1.pdf
Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness gmeza_2000_1.pdf
Westwood: The Building of a Legacy dkeh_2002_1.pdf
Where Have All the Adventure Games Gone? jji_2002_1.pdf
Who needs Mario? rpatnode_2001_1.pdf
Why in the World is Carmen Sandiego a Success? tbrown_2001_2.pdf
Why John Madden Football Has Been Such A Success kdious_2002_1.pdf
Winning the Game: The Intertwined Histories of PlayStation and Final Fantasy VII apark_2002_1.pdf
Wolfenstein 3D: The first game that ever made my pulse race acretan_2001_1.pdf
Zaxxon hnguyen_2001_1.pdf
Zork: A Study of Early Interactive Fiction jsimon_2002_1.pdf
Zork: The Great Underground Empire Game Review sstephenson_2001_1.pdf