Serious Games? Why not Serious Machinima?

Several new machinima pieces received at the Machinima Archive have demonstrated that the expressive potential of this new medium is moving beyond game culture. Two recent spotlight items, "An Unfair War" and "Better Life" (the current pick) provide examples. Both express the tragedies and aspirations of human existence, through short pieces made in The Sims 2 and Second Life, respectively.

Call for Papers: Videogame and Cinema

I am currently seeking for essays that explore the complex interplay between videogames and cinema for a new book in the ongoing culture series. Provisionally titled Videogames and cinema. Digital play, screen pleasures, the book will be published in Italy in Winter 2006.


"Videogames and cinema" (edited collection of essays)

Deadline: September 1, 2006

Potentior: The debate

The recent release of Nicholas Werner's Potentior sparked an interesting debate around the very notion of machinima. Point your browsers to the Internet Archive to read the ongoing discussion (Thanks, Henry).

Here's a passage:

Doug Wilson @ Thinking Through New Media

Doug Wilson of the How They Got Game group is speaking today at the "Thinking Through New Media" graduate student conference at Duke.

060606: Down with Serious Games?

UC Berkeley's Center for New Media is organizing a conference about Serious Games. Participants will help define stakes in serious games, share serious game design advice, and develop playtests for learning, all in one day: June 6 2006, aka 060606.

Here's the Call for Partecipation:

Nick Werner's Potentior featured at Machinima Archive

Nick Werner's new machinima piece, "Potentior," is now the featured pick at the Machinima Archive.

Potentior: First Official Screening

Nicholas Werner's machinima, Potentior, will be officially screened on Wednesday, May 24, 8:00 pm, in Roble Parlor, Stanford University.

From GunPlay to GunPorn

Please excuse the shameless self promotion, but in case you're interested, I will be talking about the aesthetics of FPS this Friday between 9:00 am and 11:00 am in the Wallenberg Hall, 4th floor, as part of the critical media studies ongoing workshop.

The title of my presentation is "From GunPlay to GunPorn. A televisual history of FPS". It will last about 20 minutes and it will be followed by a brief conversation. Key words: game studies, film studies, cultural studies.

The Virtual Film Festival

When Product Placement meets Machinima. Activision and Chrysler have announced the winners of the The Virtual Film Festival competition at E3.

The Wikimedia Movement @ Stanford

Jimmy Wales, the founder of the Wikimedia Foundation, will give a talk @ Stanford University on May 17 2006

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