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What have we been working on in the past few weeks? Here's a brief update:
Henry LowoodThe Complex History of Pong (PDF), a chapter of a special issue of IEEE Annals in the History of Computing co-edited by Lowood. 
Matteo Bittanti: Experiments in Game Art:  c'était un rendez-vous numerique (2009)ObamAds (2009) and james ballard plays burnout (2009).
Nicholas Wener:  "All Your History Are Belong To Us", a new game show that examines the history of specific game franchises, in this case, Halo. 

How They Got Game & The Art of Games

The How They Got Game project was involved in The Art of Games, Italy's first main exhibition entirely dedicated to the world of game art. It opened on May 22 and will remain open until November 2009. The exhibition was organized and curated by the indefatigable team of MUSEA + Fabbrica Arte and by the mighty Matthias Hogvall. The venue is the Saint-Beinin Center in Aosta. 

E-Sports and Cyberathleticism: A HTGG Workshop (Stanford, May 8, 930am - 430pm)

 The How They Got Game Project is organizing a one-day workshop that will focus on bringing together participants from several slices of the professional computer gaming world with an eye toward providing some initial documentation via oral histories, artifacts, and discussions of the scene. The workshop will have a limited admission and participation is by invitation only. Lunch and coffee/tea for breaks will be provided.

"Demiurges of the Digital: The Creation and Curation of Virtual Worlds" @ UC Berkeley (04/30/2009)

 Henry Lowood will be presenting his research on virtual worlds preservation at UC Berkeley on April 30 2009 as part of the ongoing series of lectures organized by the Berkeley Center for Nerw Media. The title of Lowood's talk is "Demiurges of the Digital: The Creation and Curation of Virtual Worlds"

location: 340 Moffitt, BCNM Commons,, 01:30 - 03:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public. 


"Before It's Too Late: A Digital Game Preservation White Paper" Released!

We are delighted to announce that the 2008 white paper on Digital Preservation is now complete and available for download!

Preserving Virtual Worlds @ GDC 2009

Join us at GDC 2009 for a roundtable on the state of digital game preservation
Speaker: Henry Lowood (Curator/Professor, Stanford University)
Date/Time: Friday (March 27, 2009)   2:30pm — 3:30pm
Location (room): Room 113, North Hall
Track: Game Design
Format: 60-minute Roundtable
Experience Level: All
Session Description

A Life Well Wasted: The Complete Podcast with Henry Lowood

Robert Ashley, the mastermind behind the marvelous "A Life Well Wasted" blog and podcast, explores the world of collectors and archivists, visiting a massive underground collection of videogames, a vintage pinball museum, and a program at Stanford University that hopes to save the history of online gaming.

CFP: Ludic Cartography. Mapping GameSpaces

The How They Got Game Project at Stanford University is currently seeking papers that explore the connections between mapping, cartographic practices, electronic gaming, and virtual worlds for an illustrated book that will be published in 2010. 
CFP: Ludic Cartography. Mapping GameSpaces
Full Name/Name of Organization

Event: Play-Machinima-Law Conference (Stanford University, April 24-25 2009)

Mark your calendar and get ready for Play-Machinima-Law, a two-day conference to be held at Stanford University on Friday and Saturday, April 24th-25th, 2009!

"Demiurges of the Digital: The Creation and Curation of Virtual Worlds" by Henry Lowood

This week, Henry Lowood is traveling to The University of Texas, Austin to deliver a lecture on issues related to preservation and virtual worlds.  Here's the abstract of his talk:

"Demiurges of the Digital: The Creation and Curation of Virtual Worlds"

Henry Lowood

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Genesis, 1:1.

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