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The Beginnings of Sierra Part 2

In the first installment, we looked at the initial crop of Sierra text-adventure titles, received a good deal of response thanks to Kotaku, and garnered a good deal of positive feedback.  This post continues with discussion of the further early success of the company, and reveals some more rather obscure games that helped them putter along until they developed the first modern graphical adventure game. Hope you'll take a look-see.

The Beginnings of Sierra Part 1

With the impending demise of the iconic publisher Sierra, I figured it would fruitful to look around the office and see what items I could find that relate to the publisher/developer's beginnings.  It's interesting that once I decided to keep an eye out for a specific company, I realized that I had a lot of things I could relate to it. Makes me wonder how much I will regret not photographing absolutely everything I come across, since most of it ties directly to some potential theme.

Sid Meier's First(?) Game and an Early Look at MicroProse

I spent a mild amount of time trying to find something interesting for the first actual post, but the deluge of potentially blog-worthy material can be a bit daunting given that I could probably look at anything I find here and pull some sort of grand theory out of it (I'm all about grand theories).  Regardless, this post is dedicated to an early Sid Meier game, which no one seems to remember (maybe not even Mr. Meier), and early Microprose packaging.

Introducing the Stephen M. Cabrinety Collection Blog

Hello, and welcome to the official blog for the Stephen M. Cabrinety Collection in the History of Microcomputing Library. This space will mainly function as a showcase for different items in the collection, along with mild commentary and analysis of said objects.

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