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IMLS Awards Three-Year Grant to Stanford-UCSC Project on Game Metadata and Citation

The Institute for Museum and Library Services announced its September 2013 grant awards yesterday.  You can read the announcement here.  I am very pleased that the IMLS awarded a three-year National Leadership Grant for Libraries to a project called, "From Descriptive Metadata to Citation: Building a Framework for Search and Communication in Game Studies" that will be carried out by a team from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and Stanford.  
This project continues the close collaboration between these teams that began earlier this year with a Digital Humanities Startup grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities to develop a methodology for archiving software development, with a focus on the special archival and documentation requirements for software developed in universities and other research-centered institutions. 
The IMLS-funded  project will be a major activity of the How They Got Game project over the next three years, in close collaboration with the lead team led by Noah Wardrip-Fruin at UCSC.  In a nutshell, the project will deliver a metadata scheme for digital game software, including ontology and terminology, in the first two years.  Year three will focus on related scholarly apparatus, especially citation (including citation of in-game events).  Obviously, this will be an ambitious undertaking, but it is also a necessary one for a whole host of activities from game acquisition and preservation, through discovery and access and on to scholarly use.
Here are the specific tasks we will be working on:
● Phase 1: Metadata and Case Set
○ Game Case Set Selection (UCSC, Stanford)
○ Scholarly Work Case Set Selection (UCSC, Stanford)
○ Digital Games Title-Level Metadata Scheme (Domain Analysis, Stanford)
○ Computational Game State and In-Game Event Metadata Scheme (Domain
Analysis, UCSC)
● Phase 2: Collaborative Terminology and Ontology
○ Game Object Level (Top-Down Ontology Approach, Stanford)
○ Game State and In-Game Event Level (Bottom-Up Ontology Approach, UCSC)
○ Collaboration on linking both ontological levels (Combination Approach, UCSC,
● Phase 3: Citation System
○ Citation Use Research and Guideline Development (UCSC)
○ Integration of Citation Guidelines into Online Reference Management Systems
○ Experimental Interactive Citation System (UCSC)
The project team will consist of metadata librarians, computer scientists, and game researchers, including former members of the Preserving Virtual Worlds game preservation project drawn from the Libraries at Stanford and UCSC, Stanford's How They Got Game Project, and the Computer Science Department at the Jack Baskin School of Engineering, UCSC. We are also drawing on the talents of an advisory group with deep and varied experience in game studies, information studies and media librarianship and archiving.
More details will be forthcoming as we gear up for the project start date, probably 1 December 2013.


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