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Xfire Hosts Machinima Event at Stanford University

"Where are the Next Steven Spielbergs, Quentin Tarantinos and Martin Scorseses? Could They Be the Machinima Movie Makers of the 21st Century? With hundreds of user-generated movies uploaded online everyday, Machinima movie making is now the hottest new category of independent filmmaking. Xfire, the largest organizer of Machinma contests, is continuing to pay tribute to this select group of movie makers with the "Xfire World of Warcraft Summer Machinima Movie Contest," a contest featuring Blizzard's popular online game, World of Warcraft."

from the Press Release:

WHAT: We are pleased to invite you to attend a special screening event at Stanford University where contest winners of the "Xfire World of Warcraft Summer Machinima Movie Contest" will be announced and showcased! In addition to screening the winning entries, Xfire has assembled an esteemed panel of scholars, Machinima creators and video game industry experts to discuss the trends surrounding this exciting new movie making art form. VIP cocktail reception to follow.
WHO: Stanford University Professors; Leading Machinima makers; Game Industry VIPS; and GameTrailers host Daniel Kayser
WHEN:Thursday, October 26, 2006 " 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM
WHERE: Peter Wallenberg Learning Theater at Stanford (located in the middle of the oval, in the historical Stanford buildings).


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