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Overman's Latest

The current spotlight pick at the Machinima Archive is Overman's wonderfully juvenile, yet restrained "Male Restrooom Etiquette." I think this amusing piece proves that it is not game culture that is immature, but male culture. Or maybe both.

Phil Rice ("Overman") holds a secure place in the machinima Hall of Fame for his influential recam of the amazing Thresh vs. Billox Quake 2 match at the Quakeadelica tournament in 1998. This was the demo that everyone saw, and it secured Thresh's already formidable reputation. Just as important, it was a popular demonstration of the value of recamming (changing the camera perspective, from first-person view in this case). Anyway, it's great to know that Overman is still at it. By the way, a nicely remastered version of the Thresh vs. Billox match is also available via the Archive.


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