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The Hotel That Time Built

The current featured pick over at the Machinima Archive is "The Hotel That Time Built: The Regenerated Dante Hotel, Phase 1." This movie made in Second Life documents a Stanford Humanites Laboratory (SHL) project called "Life to the Second Power: Animating the Archive," conducted in collaboration with the film and media artist Lynn Hershman Leeson, whose archives are housed at Stanford University. The project was partially funded by the Daniel Langlois Foundation. In the Lab, it was a collaboration of the How They Got Game Project with Michael Shanks' Presence Project, as well as Lynn herself. Henrik Bennetsen, Jeff Aldrich and Henry Segerman all have contributed and continue to contribute to the project.

A propos, Lynn's latest film, "Strange Cultures," will premiere at the Sundance Festival next week, including two showings inside our project space in Second Life -- on Monday, the 22d at 3pm PST, and on Weds., the 24th, also at 3PM PST. "Strange Culture," in a nutshell, concerns the Steve Kurtz affair, with ramifications that cut across art, politics, science. Here is more information about the film, with even more here on the Sundance site.


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