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One World Action and Machinima

Nearly a year ago, I wondered about, "serious games? why not serious machinima?" on this blog. Well, it's happening. Consider the connection between One World Action (OWA) and the Online Machinima Film Festival (OMFF). One World Action "is working to create the power and opportunity for the poorest citizens to transform their own lives, and to challenge the international policies that make and keep people poor." That is certainly a serious agenda.

The OMFF has been organized by Machinima Premiere, a community site for machinima makers and the sponsors of the OMFF One World Action Fund, which supports the work of OWA. The OMFF will be held in Second Life: Hathead Island Theatre on May 26th, at 3pm EST. The winners of the festival will be announced on this occasion, followed by the presentation of proceeds from the Action Fund to OWA.

In response to OWA's request to produce machinima pieces in support of its work, Dxvid (David Jones) set up the Challenge. Themes suggested for the short movies entering this competition include:

  • Democracy
  • Accountability
  • Gender Equality
  • Women's Empowerment and political participation
  • Finding voices
  • Learning about human rights
  • Finding power as a citizen
  • Workers Rights
  • Fair Trade
  • Development and distribution of Aid

According to a recent communication from David, machinima luminaries such as Hugh Hancock, Phil "Overman" Rice, and Michelle of Britannica Dreams are expected. And indeed some of these contributions are already available via the Machinima Archive, e.g. Dxvid's own "Every Picture Tells a Story."



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