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Meltemi Editore releases Schermi Interattivi. Il cinema nei

Schermi interattivi. Il cinema nei videogiochi (Interactive Screens. Cinema in Videogames) is a new collection of essays that explore the complex relationship between film and digital games edited by Matteo Bittanti, Associate Researcher at the Stanford Humanities Lab. Published by Meltemi Editore, the book was originally conceived and written while Matteo was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford and it is part of How They Got Game.

Schermi interattivi. Il cinema nei videogiochi is the result of a collective effort. It features contributions from Stanford University's Henry Lowood and Galen Davis, who were joined by scholars from all over the world: Barry Atkins, Alexis Blanchet, David Bordwell, Luca Castiglioni, Mark Grimshaw, Rune Klevjer, Bernard Perron, Judd Ethan Ruggil, and Olli Sotamaa. The book, which is available in Italian for the time being, confirms the SHL dedication to critically delineate an evolving media landscape.

Schermi Interattivi. Il cinema nei videogiochi, edited by Matteo Bittanti, published by Meltemi Editore (Rome, 2008)

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