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Doug Wilson's HTGG projects now in Second Life

Back in 2003, Doug Wilson prepared two video loops for the "Fictional Worlds, Virtual Experiences" show I curated with Casey Alt for the Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford.  This was the first of the exhibitions the project has prepared over the years.  More recently, the project has been active in Second Life, particularly through the Life-Squared project with Lynn Hershmann and the "Preserving Virtual Worlds" project.

And now the twain have met, as Doug's work has been made available in Second Life as part of the American Library Association's first annual National Gaming Day on 15 Nov. 2008.   As the announcement tells us:

"ALA Island in Second Life is showing the two-videos-in-one video, "Crafting the Virtual World and The Art of Interactive Storytelling" which was recorded, edited, and written by Douglas Wilson. Watch the video at the Galen Noltenius Sky Platform on ALA Island (206, 100, 46)."

Doug's two projects include footage he captured (nicely, too, which was saying something in 2003) from games ranging from MUD to "The Legend of Zelda" to "Neverwinter Nights." 

"Crafting the Virtual World" and "The Art of Interactive Storytelling"will also forever be available for viewing in the "Archiving Virtual Worlds" collection.  As always, use the downloadable files for best video quality, not the stream.

Congratulations, Doug!


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