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/. on gaming addiction

I take a fair bit of guilty pleasure in how much I enjoy reading the comments on Slashdot. The community's reaction to the slightly weak New Scientist article Gaming fanatics show hallmarks of drug addiction is no exception.

People were pretty quick to take the basic premise of the article apart:

Addictions stem from relying too heavily on one coping strategy, which eventually becomes the only activity that can activate the dopamine system and bring a person relief. "It's the same mechanism in all addicts,"

Making this whole thing about a basic human mechanism rather than games, but off course; who cares about that? Some people reacted with not so subtle sarcasm:

You mean the brain doesn't have completely separate mechanisms for addictions to video games and drugs (and gambling, and sex ...)? Gee, I wonder how evolution missed that one. In related news, the human body reacts similarly to getting hit by a baseball bat as getting hit by a cricket bat. No kidding ... the same mechanism! :)

Others argue " I my view correctly - that the type of game makes a difference. Especially a distinction between single and multiplayer games and whether it is a game you can beat or keep playing. Someone makes the distinction between Doom and Diablo II. I have to say that when I read about certain (not all!) people's crazy amount of logged playtime in MMPORGs such as Everquest and World of Warcraft then I do have serious doubts on how healthy that is. But again; it speaks more to an issue relating to the individual than with games in general.

Before I get too heavy I should mention that humor is luckily something that you get a healthy dose of here. This made me laugh out loud:

And this article doesn't even go near the gateway aspect of videogames. Why I never started drinking and smoking dope until I started playin'. Now it's all been downhill. After that last all-night coke binge playing Sonic the Hedgehog I figured enough was was time to turn my life around. And it all started with a few mushrooms and a crazy guy called Mario....

Someone else offered this resume for people who couldn't be bothered to read the entire (very short) article:

Young men find a new excuse for their irresponsible behavior.

...and penny arcade is off course always right on the money.

I have my comments threshold set to 4 which I find gets most of the good stuff, but if you go even lower that then you will admittedly get the odd gem but mostly see comments from people residing in the darkest corners of the hinternet.


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