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Machinima Performance at Stanford

This event is open to the public and will consist of a live performance by the machinima performance group the ILL Clan on Sunday, December 4th 2005 in Annenberg Auditorium on the Stanford campus, followed by an in-class panel discussion with the performers in IHUM 57 ("The Human and the Machine") on December 5th.

That same afternoon there will be a scholarly discussion with the ILL Clan moderated by visiting scholars Matteo Bittanti and Henrik Bennetsen, and with guest speaker Michael Nitsche, a new media scholar from Georgia Tech, who has written extensively about machinima. The talk will focus on practical and theoretical issues regarding machinima, film, performance, animation, and mediation.


Live Machinima Performance by the ILL Clan
7 " 9 pm, Sunday, 4 December 2005
Annenberg Auditorium

In-class Panel Discussion with the ILL Clan
IHUM 57 " "The Human and the Machine" lecture
10 " 10:50 am, Monday, 5 December 2005
Annenberg Auditorium

Scholarly Panel
3 " 5 pm, Monday, 5 December 2005
Annenberg Auditorium

More info and flier here


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