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Hardware Delivery

 The warehouse-like nature of this cataloging project just increased dramatically.  We received the first four pallets of hardware last week, which represent a little less than a quarter of the total holdings in the Cabrinety Collection. The photos below just give a small taste of what we are dealing with here. Since the task ahead is rather daunting, a twitter feed will now be running and asking for some help in identifying certain confusing artifacts. 


Besides figuring a suitable way to organize and store all this material, I need to figure out which items are functioning and what they need to run.  Sadly, the cabling and batteries for most of the hardware (save the fully boxed units) were separated out during storage a couple years ago. It is now up to me to figure out which connections are needed and then test most of the items in the collection.  I feel like this is an adventure or quest on which I could use some help. Therefore, I have setup a twitter feed under the user name "cabrinety" and will post things that currently have me stumped.  

Below are some quick shots of the current situation and the types of objects under scrutiny.  

Above is a full, unopened Nintendo Power Set including a light gun and power pad, an Atari XE system including a light gun, joystick and keyboard, and a Nintendo carrying case.  The Atari system packaging is a direct response to Nintendo, and is a console focused version of the Atari 65XE personal computer (also in the collection).


All nine boxes contain hardware, and are of the smaller variety, behind lie larger boxes with teletypes, Commodore PET terminals and the like.  


A pile of Commodore, containing two Commodore 64s, and a VIC-20, and yes next to that is..

a TI-99/4A and an Intellivision. Look forward to more posts in the coming months, and please check out the Twitter Feed starting up tomorrow. 


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