Games@IULM: Playing Games in The Ivory Tower, May 3rd (Milan, Italy)

The Humanities Lab at IULM University in Milan, Italy, is organizing a conference and an exhibition about videogames on May 3rd 2006 titled Games@IULM. The event brings together game researchers from Italy (IULM University), the United States (Stanford University), and Europe (the Computer Games Research Center in Copenhagen).

Games@IULM, which takes place on May 2nd 2006 (9 am - 5 pm), will focus on the relationship between academia and games. Henry Lowood, Jeffrey Schnapp and Fred Turner will take part on a video interview. Lowood will talk about the evolution of game culture and game studies, Turner will discuss the politics and ideology of gaming, while Schnapp will explain how Humanities can help us better understanding the cultural, historical, and artistic implications of new media. The video interviews (in English, with Italian subtitles), will be freely downloadable from the conference website after May 3rd.

Moreover, Simon Egenfeldt Nielsen from ITU University will present a case study of Global Conficts: Middle East, a game currently in development. Egenfeldt Nielsen's presentation looks at the problems found in current educational use of games, and how we can achieve a more realistic and balanced integration of games in schools. Matteo Bittanti will talk about Second Life and the emergence of synthetic worlds as emergent spaces for social interaction and artistic experimentation.

For a complete list of speakers and presentations, please check the official website [Sorry, Italian only]

The conference will be coupled with a retrospective on Mauro Ceolin's game art. Titled L'arte videoludica di Mauro Ceolin, the exhibition will take place at IULM University in Milan, Italy and it will be open from May 2nd till May 12th 2006. More information is available here: RGB Project.

Link: Games@IULM, official website
Link: IULM Humanities Lab

For more information, please contact Matteo Bittanti.