The Future of Digital Education

Henry Lowood will be on panel titled "The Future of Digital Education" sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation on Berkman Island, in Second Life, on Nov. 13th, 4pm PST.

Berkman Island was set up by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society (Harvard Law School). Organized by Steve Anderson, the panel will also feature Douglas Thomas, Anne Balsamo, and Mike Eisenberg. Please stay tuned for more information about the event.

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society is already offering "CyberOne: Law in the Court of Public Opinion" through Second Life. Instructed by Professor Charles Nesson, Rebecca Nesson, and Gene Koo, the course examines the creation and exchange of communication in a networked information economy. For more information, click here.

On a related topic, the latest issue of Business Week features an interesting article on "The Lessons of Second Life" which focuses on the economic implications of virtual worlds. To read it, click here.


My wife is taking some online

My wife is taking some online classes this term as she enters her final year to completnig her business degree. I never thought I would want to go with that approach, however after I saw her I truly think that the future might be in "Digital Education", is there any more meetings like this coming up? I came across it when I was searching for digital education methedology. Thanks, Robert