Euclidean Crisis a finalist at IGF

Euclidean Crisis, an innovative real-time strategy game designed by a group of Stanford students with close ties to the How They Got Game project, has been selected as a finalist at the 9th Annual Independent Games Festival, Student Showcase Competition. It was one of ten finalists chosen form more than 100 entries.

The design team for Euclidean Crisis, developed in only ten weeks, is Daniel Salinas, Travis Skare, John Shedletsky, and Douglas Wilson. Doug is a long-time core member of the htgg team, and John is a veteran of STS145. The group designed the game for their 2006 Senior Project. It has so far won top honors at the 2006 Stanford University Computer Science Department Senior Project Faire, where it was awarded first prizes by Electronic Arts, VM Ware, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and the Electrical Engineering Department.

The team describes the game as follows: "Euclidean Crisis is a multiplayer real-time strategy game played using a touchscreen stylus and voice commands. Shapes and colors vie for supremacy in a retro-styled, cyberspace world. Your goal is to destroy your opponent's energy core while protecting your own. Units are controlled by drawing flight paths and command gestures."

It's possible to download the game from the Euclidean Crisis website or watch a promo video if you'd like to see the game in action.

Congratulations to the Euclidean Crisis team