The Legend of Lerroy Jenkins

That Leeroy is the game's biggest failure rather than its highest achiever may explain why he's transcended the self-referential sphere of World of Warcraft and moved into the realm of pop culture. Everyone everywhere has pulled a Leeroy. "There's something more universal about this guy who screws things up for everybody than someone who is the best at something," says Henry Lowood, curator for film and media collections at Stanford University. "If you're not a player in the game, you are not going to be that interested in how spectacularly good a player is. But you can relate to someone who messes up." (Joel Warner, Denver Westword)

Joel Warner of the Denver Westword has written the definitive story of a game legend, Leeroy Jenkins. The article features, among other things, Henry Lowood's poignant comments. According to Lowood, Jenkins is an archetype that can be understood even by non-gamers

"The Legend of Lerroy Jenkins" ("Everything you always wanted to know about Leeroy Jenkins but were afraid to as"" could have been an equally appropriate title) is available here.