We love lists

Gamespy's Top 25 Video Game Cinematic Moments is in progress. So far, 15 of the choices have been revealed, with the top ten on the way. Since my work with the Digital Game Canon group for GDC, what can I say? I love lists now.

Matteo Bittanti is the logical person to comment on this list of game cinematics, but since he has not weighed in yet, here are some of my thoughts:

Here are the cinematics from Gamespy's list that would have come to my mind:
13. The World of Warcraft intro movie (easy choice)
12. The Dawn of War opening (nice catch, I loved it, too)
11. The Metal Gear Solid 2 opening (very much so, also because of its connection to machinima).

The only choice that I did not agree with was 18. The "Death of Hellscream" movie that ends the Orc campaign in Warcraft III. Of course, I love the game, but this movie doesn't strike me as one of Blizzard's best efforts.

What I expect in the top 10, which will be revealed soon: The Half-Life intro movie, one of the cutscenes from Diablo, II, one of the cutscenes from FFVII, the marvelous Warcraft III trailer (though I don't know if trailers count), and if these guys are on their game, one of the cinematics from Anachronox, again with a bit of bias on my part towards including some machinima (like the MGS2 opening).

Any other predictions?