Essay: Game Capture. The Machinima Archive and the History of Digital Games

Henry Lowood's short essay on the genesis and evolution of the Machinima Archive has been published on the Summer 2008 issue of Mediascape journal.

"The development of machinima now over roughly a dozen years is fundamentally a story about how players have learned to master computer technology, gameplay and performance practices. While this history of mastery is really three intertwined stories, one could argue that the most important trope of this narrative is the way in which players adopted digital games as a medium for expressing their creativity. Making machinima (and watching it) was one of the ways that players learned to be creative with digital games. This rhetoric of creativity and agency has helped the history of machinima move from a peripheral to a central topic in game studies, as the creativity of players, to me at least, is the most interesting and perhaps the most significant aspect of game culture today. " (Henry Lowood, Mediascape)

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