Introducing the Stephen M. Cabrinety Collection Blog

Hello, and welcome to the official blog for the Stephen M. Cabrinety Collection in the History of Microcomputing Library. This space will mainly function as a showcase for different items in the collection, along with mild commentary and analysis of said objects.

Now for the introduction, my name is Eric Kaltman and I am currently working through the collection and cataloging its contents. I am Master Candidate at UC Berkeley in Asian Studies, a classification that has slowly morphed into an interdisciplinary study into video games and their educational promise. Though if we are dealing with personal assignations, I am a very avid gamer and have an intense academic interest in the modern and past game industries. Hopefully the posts here will be able to encourage discussion of gaming's past and provide other insights about the growing importance of our continuing convergence culture. I would like to thank Henry Lowood at Stanford for allowing me to start and continue to maintain this blog, as I am apparently the first person who really wanted to showcase the nifty stuff in this collection for all you out there on the Internets.

That said, my job mainly consists of opening boxes and indexing the contents, I feel vaguely like I'm on an expedition into the past akin to searching through the government storehouse in the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Only instead of that location I occupy a small room in the Stanford Library, and the large, rustic crates are simply cardboard boxes stuffed with (mostly) the nineteen eighties. I hope to consistently update this space with the artifacts I find, whether they turn out to be a box of various coding books and software, like this:

Box of Old Computer Books: Fun!Box of Old Computer Books: Fun!

Or a box full of mint condition Atari 2600 and 5200 titles, many still in shrinkwrap (which I remove), like this:

A Box of Atari Games: Fun-er!A Box of Atari Games: Fun-er!

I actually have posts lined up for some of the items in that specific box, so I guess you could come back sometime and take a look. This whole "blogging" enterprise is rather new to me, but I have a decent coding background so hopefully more features (like variable image sizes, image gallery, and a new theme) will start to pop up in the future. Any comments can be directed to my email which is accessible by clicking on my name, which should be somewhere on this page.


Hello, does the InterLisp/65

Hello, does the InterLisp/65 v2.5 (for Atari) box include the manual, or just the disk? Apparently a 85 page manual was included but none has yet surfaced so it could be a good find.

Hi Eric, I am Stephen

Hi Eric,
I am Stephen Cabrinety's sister and wanted to let you know Steve would be so pleased with your enthusiasm and work with the items in his collection. Steve like you was really excited about the whole gaming industry and its history! Thanks for your good work.

Nice collection of atari

Nice collection of atari games - I think I was just a year old when they came out with that system, man I wish I knew a place in FLorida where they still sold those systems and games. The popeye game was the best :) Nathan M.