Avatar. The Experience of Virtual Worlds

I am happy to announce that Avatar. An Experience into the Virtual World will open on October 10 2008 at the Museo Tridentino di Art Naturali in Trento, Italy. Curated by Carlo Maiolini, Avatar is a major event dedicated to the art and culture of virtual worlds. If you're lucky enough to travel to Northern Italy this Fall you will find a piece of both How Got Game and the Stanford Humanities Lab in the exhibition. In fact, I had the opportunity to contribute to the production of Avatar together with many Italian researchers, journalists, and curators. The 'core team' features, among the others, Domenico Quaranta (new media critic and co-curator of GameScenes. Art in the Age of Videogames), Paolo Pedercini (the enfant terrible behind La Molleindustria) and Ivan Fulco (journalist and editor of Virtual Geographic. Travels into the Worlds of Videogames). The committe was directed by Mario Gerosa (essayist, chief redactor of AD Architectural Digest). As Carlo Maiolini explains:

"AVATAR will be a virtual exhibition. The only physical set up will be a room equipped with several computer kiosks. The visitors will enter the exhibition from these hi tech kiosks, using an avatar. As it happens in all virtual worlds, the users will be able to interact freely and, using voice chat, could decide to visit the exhibition together""

What, when and where: Avatar. An Experience into the Virtual World, Museo Tidentino di Scienze Naturali, Trento, Italy, October 10 2008 - January 10 2009.

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