How They Got Game & The Art of Games

The How They Got Game project was involved in The Art of Games, Italy's first main exhibition entirely dedicated to the world of game art. It opened on May 22 and will remain open until November 2009. The exhibition was organized and curated by the indefatigable team of MUSEA + Fabbrica Arte and by the mighty Matthias Hogvall. The venue is the Saint-Beinin Center in Aosta. 
Around 100 works of  thirteen different authors were selected for this exhibition - including Paul Sullivan,Jason FelixJason ChanNick OrocThierry "BARONTiERi" DoizonJohn Wallin LibertoDaniel DociuJim Murray,Stephan MartiniereAndrzej TutajKekai KotakiCraig Mullins, and Alessandro Taini aka Talexi - with full multimedia support and areas dedicated to in-depth analyses and original sketches. Visitors can also play a selected number of videogames on four different game units. In the section called “Amazing Inspiration”, visitors can compare-and-contrast photos of the most important cultural sites of the Aosta Valley and the works of videogame artists. The pictures were taken by Stefano Venturini.