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Extended Hours: Green Library, March 10-19

Green Library will be open for extended study hours from Monday, March 10 through Wednesday, March 19.

This Day in History

Are you interested in knowing what event in history happened on a particular date. Tune into the History Channel and check out their lead story, or type in a particular date and select a category of interest.

International Women's Week and Women in Film resources

March 3-8 is International Women’s Week International Women’s Week, culminating on Sunday with International Women’s Day.

Two great resources related to Women in Film are Women Make Movies and New Day Films.

Both collectives seek to address under represented populations and the misrepresentation of women in the media industry by providing distribution services and production assistance for filmmakers. Check out their websites and see if any of their movies are of interest to you. If so, perform a title search in Socrates and limit the format to films/visual. You can also request that material be purchased by the library by clicking on the Borrow, Renew, & Request link on the library mainpage.

Tobias Wolff on cover of Poets & Writers Magazine

Did you know that our very own Professor Tobias Wolff is on the cover of the March/April edition of Poets & Writers Magazine?

Expect a new book of short stories from Professor Wolff in the next few months.

Nicholson Baker is still writing fascinating minority reports

Nicholson Baker is still writing fascinating minority reports. Take a look at the New York Times review of his latest book, Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization.

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