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WikiTrust Evaluates Wikipedia Text by Author Reputation

"Researchers at the University of California at Santa Cruz have built a test extension called WikiTrust that evaluates every word on Wikipedia and highlights text that was added by authors with a less than stellar reputation." See ReadWriteWeb for more information.

50% of college students read E-books

As written up in the Chronicle of Higher Ed, this finding is described as Survey Finds That Only Half of College Students Use E-Books. But the fact that 50% of college students spend some time each week reading E-books, and almost 25% spend 1 hour/week or more strikes me as pretty high. After all, the 2006 NEA report To Read or Not to Read shows pretty low levels of reading overall. From the NEA report: a 2007 AP poll of adults found only 73% had read a book at all in the past year. According to the National Survey of Student Engagement, only 54% of college seniors are spending 11 hours/week or more "studying, reading, writing, doing homework". So, 23% spending 1 hour/week or more reading E-books seems pretty high to me.

HBO Summer Documentary Series

Premiering Mondays at 9pm

This summer, a new HBO Documentary Films presentation premieres every Monday night at 9pm from June 9 through August 25. For more information about the series click here.

THIS MONDAY: 'Hard Times at Douglass High: A No Child Left Behind Report Card': Award-winning filmmakers Alan Raymond and Susan Raymond chronicle one school year with the students and teachers of Frederick Douglass High School, an inner-city Baltimore school that has struggled to meet the expectations of President Bush's controversial 2002 No Child Left Behind Act.

Green Library is on Facebook

Become a Fan of the Green Library Facebook page. Fans will have easy access to hours info, events, announcements, and contact info. Use our Facebook page to ask questions, leave comments, and learn about new library resources and services.

Michael Keller on digital archiving

Listen to Michael A. Keller, University Librarian and Director of Academic Information Resources, Stanford University, discuss the future of digital archiving and information preservation, and answer questions from listeners.
On Sun Radio Innovation Insider.

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