How to hold a library item

There are several reasons why you might want to request a hold on a book:

1. If a book is checked out by another patron, you may request a hold or recall on the book via Socrates, our library catalog.

2. If a book is at one of our auxiliary libraries (SAL1&2 or SAL3), you may request (or "page") the book so it is delivered to Green Library or a branch library.

3. If the book is still very new and we've ordered it but have not received it yet, you may request a hold on it.

In these three scenarios, here's how to request the book:

1. Look up the book in Socrates
2. Click on the "details" button to see the full record of the item
3. Scroll to the bottom of the record and click on one of the request links

Besides these online options, you may also request a book by filling out a paper hold/recall form, available at Green's Loan Desk.

Some more information about requesting a book that is checked out to someone else:

If a book is listed as in the "stacks" at Green or another library on campus, please come to the library to pick it up. We don't hold books that are available on the shelf here.