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Stacks in Green Library: Where are they?

I looked up a book in Socrates and it says it's in the STACKS in Green Library. Where are the Stacks?

There are 3 floors of "stacks" in the East Wing and 7 floors of "stacks" in the West (Bing) Wing. Green Library also has other locations so make sure your catalog record says the book is in STACKS. Some other locations are: IC, HASRC, SSRC, Special Collections, Media Microtext Colletion, IC Stats, IC Ready Reference.
Here is a map (not to scale) of the stack areas.
Here is a Stack Directory by Call number (we also have pocket Stack Location Guides at the Information Center desk).

Checking out books in Green Library

Where do I check out books in Green Library? Where is the Loan Desk?

The loan desk is right inside the South Portal of Green Library. The South Portal is the entrance across from Meyer Library. Through the turnstile and just slightly to your right ahead, you will see the Loan Desk. The online tour of Green Library has photos and descriptions of this and other locations in Green Library

Interlibrary services office

Question: Where are the interlibrary services offices?

Answer: You can always ask for help at the Information Center Desk. However, to find the office, pass the IC desk, look to your left to locate Current Periodicals. Go straight to the back and you will find a door with a sign that says IC, ILL. Step through and ask the first person on your right.

Bathrooms in Green Library

Question: Where's the bathroom?

Answer: Take two right turns off the stairs or elevator in Green Library East Wing, on every floor except the first floor.

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