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Question: I am trying to find a Ph.D Dissertation of Stanford U on line, could you please tell me how to do that?

Answer: Free access to Stanford dissertations online is limited to Stanford students and faculty, or to persons who are on the Stanford campus. If you wanted to get a digital version of a Stanford dissertation, you'd need to purchase it via the usual Dissertation Abstracts ordering process via ProQuest. If you had a Stanford affiliation and SUNet logon ID, you'd use the Stanford Dissertations database on our Databases list.

However, as a non-Stanford person, that isn't possible. I see that you are at a university is not a RLG member, which is the cooperative system that shares inter-library loan. We lend dissertations to one another, but not to non-RLG members, unless the dissertation was published prior to 1953. So unless the dissertation you are searching for is pre-1953, you will either have your library try to find it at another institution that will lend, or you will want to purchase a copy through proquest.

Q&A: How to find dissertations

Question: I used to download dissertations off the website, but I haven't done that in awhile. I'm trying to do it again, but can't seem to find the correct portal. can you help me please?

Answer: Stanford Dissertations(Stanford students, faculty and staff, or patrons using Stanford computers) are available to download (Full PDF versions of Stanford dissertations from 1989 onward) using the Database: Stanford Dissertations (from the Databases list). Other dissertations are available for purchase using the database: Dissertations and Theses. If you want to borrow a dissertation from another university without paying a fee, you can make an interlibrary loan request(Stanford students, faculty and staff only).

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