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Q&A: Printers, Publishers and Booksellers in Early English Books [ESTC]

Question: I am researching the life and work of Alice Warren, an English printer in London in the 17th Century. When I do an "IMPRINT" search for her name in either the ESTC or Early English Books Online in the Databases, I get no more than about 8 items. I know that this can't be right. Is there somewhere else I can look?

Answer: You need to use the 4th volume of Wing's Short-Title Catalogue, which cross-indexes all the printers and booksellers in Wing, 1641-1700. Checking Alice Warren in that volume, one sees that she was also known as Alice Norton, and indicates that she was probably also responsible for the imprints of the two John Nortons in the list, who were her husband and son, respectively. Also, her listings under Alice Warren, [her second husband was Thomas Warren]are more numerous than the 8 items you already have from ESTC and Early English Books Online. This index also gives the bibliographic citations for the sources of the biographical details included in the listings. There is a parallel volume which indexes the printers and booksellers for Pollard and Redgrave [in Volume 3], covering imprints from 1475 to 1640. None of this information is currently available in either the ESTC or Early English Books Online.

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