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Cash to Card machines

Stanford community members can add money to their StanfordCardPlan at one of the many Cash-to-Card machines that are located on campus. Visitors can buy a Card for $1, and then add money to their Card using the same machines. These machines accept $1, $5, $10 and $20 dollar bills and function as a kind of reverse ATM.

Unless otherwise noted, Cash-to-Card machines are currently available at the following locations:

* Note: The Cash-to-Card machines in Jackson, Math & Computer Science, Swain Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, and Physics libraries are older machines which do not accept most newer bills.

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Printing: laptop access to Library printers

Can I print from my laptop here in Green to a Green Library printer?

Yes you can. All the directions to set up your laptop for accessing networked printers on Campus are on the Printing web site. The box at the side, Printer Setup Instructions, tells about each system configuration. The list of printer names on Campus, including the Libraries, is at View Printers for: on this page. However, the library list of room locations for particular printer names is on the Libraries' website.

Color printing

Question: Where can I find a color printer?

Answer: Meyer Library has 2 HP color laser printers, Leela and Fry, on the first and second floor of Meyer. They also have a Canon i950 printer at Meyer. This is a photo-quality inkjet printer. It costs $0.75 per page. Alternative print media (transparencies and photo quality paper) are available at an additional cost. Please look for the sign or ask a consultant for assistance the first time you use the color printer.

Printing: Procedures for reporting printing problems

Question: What are the procedures for reporting printing problems?

Answer: Follow the procedures listed here.

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