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Q&A: Information on Autism and ADHD

I am writing a paper about the neurological differences in autism and ADHD, specifically, how the behavioral symptoms may look the same, but the underlying mechanisms are different. Do you have any suggestions for journals or articles that I could look at?


Academic Search Premier indexes many medical and psychology journals. You
might start there, and if you aren't satisfied, the more advanced
databases would be Psycinfo and Medline.

You might also just look at some of the Psychology Handbooks in the SSRC
Reading room:
Handbook of Developmental Psychology (SSRC: BF713 .H3635 2003)
Handbook of Psychology (SSRC: BF121 .H1955 2003)

Also there is an online encyclopedia that you can link to from the
Encyclopedias section of the Reference Shelf:

The encyclopedia is the International Encyclopedia of the Social and
Behavioral Sciences

If you search for the keyword: autism, you will find several very
detailed sections on the neural basis and the psychological aspects of autism. You will find similar descriptive articles for ADHD.

If you click on the search Button at the top of the page of this encyclopedia, you can search many different
sources, not just the encyclopedia, which we get from Science Direct. I recommend this for your research.

Q&A: PsychInfo via Ovid

Question: The library recently switched vendors to the PsycInfo database. Could you give me some tips on searching PsycInfo via the new Ovid interface?

Answer: Here are a few tips for searching PsycInfo via Ovid interface.

  • To search multiple authors or keywords - use 'Basic Search.'
  • To search exact title, author, subject - use 'Advanced Search'
  • To search combinations, for ex. author/title, journal title and author, etc. - use 'Citation Search
  • '

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