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Google Books links now in Socrates

To help Stanford scholars find interesting and relevant resources more quickly and powerfully, SULAIR has added links to Google Book Search from Socrates.

In the Detailed records for most books from the Stanford University Libraries and other Google partners, patrons will now find
a link to the Google Books version of the book. Depending on the copyright status of the book, the Google Books link will take patrons to the full text of a book, a preview of the book, or a page with expanded information about the book.

Even in cases where neither the full-text nor a preview is available, patrons will often find book summaries, reviews, links to other editions of the book, popular passages, and much more. When available, the detailed record in Socrates will also show book jacket images.

Examples of Google Book Search links:

Patrons will also now find links to OCLC WorldCat records for many items in Socrates. The WorldCat records often provide additional information about an item, including reviews, a list of other libraries that own the item, user ratings and recommendations, and the ability to export citations directly to EndNote or RefWorks. For a full list of features available in WorldCat, see What is WorldCat?

These additions to Socrates are a step towards making richer search and online browsing of the libraries collections possible. As the Google Book Search project continues and more books are scanned, these richer views will become available for an increasing amount of the Libraries’ collections.

Q&A: Finding titles with a very common name

Question: I am trying to locate the call number for the journal, "The Library," but when I look it up by title I'm given 500+ periodicals, all of which contain the word "Library" in them! Please tell me that there's an easy--indeed, perhaps even obvious (to everyone but me)--solution to this...

Answer: In Socrates, if you use the Browse Search instead of Keyword or Exact, it is much easier to find a title, periodical title, or author with a very common word or name.

If you are having trouble searching for a title of a book or periodical title in Socrates because the title is a very common word, like "Time" or "Library" or "Business" it is probably because you are probably trying to search using the Keyword Search, which is the default search type in the Socrates Simple Search form. Using the "Exact" search is also often confusing. You are probably getting a huge list of titles that have the simple title word somewhere in the title.

For example, if you are doing a Periodical Title search for a title "Library", instead of doing a Keyword search, click on the "radio button" that says BROWSE. Put your title in the search field, and then click on Periodical Title (because you are searching for a periodical. You would follow the same procedure for a book or author or subject, but then you would click on the appropriate button - TITLE, AUTHOR, or SUBJECT)

When you "Browse" your Title, you will see an alphabet listing, with the title LIBRARY as the second choice (this is because the alphabetic list puts your title second if we have it, so you can see what comes before and after your title in the list).

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