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Nova Science

In the light of all the evidence that you find in the international journals, in the international press, and in the light of all these articles and books written by authors from the world's top universities for Nova, the above article is nothing more than a very very biased picture, to say the least. Below I present a different picture.

Signed: Arno Tausch, Adjunct Professor of Political Science, Innsbruck University, Austria, and regular contributor to over 40 journals and/or publishing institutions, among them Dutch University Press/Rozenberg Publishers, Palgrave Macmillan, and Saint Martin's Press, N.Y., in 24 countries around the globe.

Although Nova started in the field of science, the company expanded into other disciplines as well and has become one of the major scientific book publishing companies in the US. When the company started its publishing activities by 1987, such titles as „Issues in intense-field quantum electrodynamics“; „The theory of target compression by longwave laser emission“; „Laser applications in precision measurement“; „The Physical effects in the gravitational field of black holes“; „The nonlinear optics of semiconductor lasers“; „The Quantum electrodynamics of a high-intensity field“; „Industrial measurement of electrical and electronic components and equipment“ predominated. Today, the catalogue still lists 502 titles, containing the word "physics", and 585 titles containing the word "medicine", but already 255 titles with the term "economics", 281 titles with the word "psychology", 77 titles with the word "political science", 50 titles with the word "sociology", 52 titles with the term "religion", etc.

Nova in international science - data from international press archives and scientometric evidence
International news and reference archives yield the following evidence:

"Lexis Nexis University "International Press"", run by a Consortium of Swiss Universities, which combines in its archives such sources as La Stampa , The New York Times, The Age (Melbourne, Australia), The Japan Times, Milano Finanza, South China Morning Post, and Times Educational Supplement already mentions 308 articles to date, explicitly dealing with materials, published by "Nova Science Publishers"

"Dialog Select Open Access", which combines complete texts of hundreds of magazines and journals from leading publishers, documented in sources such as Business Dateline, Business & Industry®, CMP Computer Fulltext, Computer News Fulltext, General Science Abstracts/Fulltext, Harvard Business Review, Gale Group Computer Database, Gale Group Health & Wellness, Gale Group Magazine Database, Gale Group Trade & Industry Database, The McGraw-Hill Companies Publications Online, and Periodical Abstracts PlusText™, carries to date already 146 articles referring explicitly to "Nova Science Publishers"

International bibliographical content and reference services refer to scientific works published by Nova Science Publishers in the following fashion:

"EBSCO Scientific abstracts", combining the most important scholarly journals in the social sciences, documented in Academic Search Premier, Academic Search Elite, Business Source Elite, EconLit, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, Regional Business News, SocINDEX, already makes 1024 explicit references to titles published by "Nova Science Publishers"

"Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA)" makes 181 references to Nova Science Publishers titles in the field of social sciences; in addition it lists 295 world class scholars in the system, who already published with that publisher

"Bibliography of Asian Studies" makes reference to 247 Nova titles

In addition, other free internet bibliographies mention Nova titles as well. Only some are listed here:

"LEXIS/NEXIS literature search", freely available via the German University internet site "Lalisio", mentions the following specific references in the international, peer-reviewed journals to Nova publications:

28 search results from Marketing & Advertising Reference (LNE)

129 search results from ABI/Inform Select (LNE)

367 search results from Law Reviews, Combined (LNE)

"Questia", a free international internet bibliography, with relevance to the social sciences, covering bibliographical references from books and journals in the English speaking world, reports the following results for the search for: "Nova science publishers": Found 155 results: Books: 90, Journal Articles: 62, Magazine Articles: 3

* "Infoconnex Political Science", a freely available political science data search engine, organized by the German Science Ministry and other scientific organizations in Germany, yielded 113 references for Nova Science Publishers titles (Infoconnex Political Science is partly based on Cambridge Scientific Abstracts PAIS)

"Blackwell Synergy", combining full-text access to the scholarly journals of that publishing company, carries 81 references to articles, mentioning "Nova Science Publishers";

"Inforetrieve article finder", a free on-line scientific bibliography, mentions 47 articles, which directly refer to "Nova" titles

"Elsevier Science Direct", a website, which claims to present access to 1/4 of the world's medical, technical and science information, refers to 27 titles, which are explicitly referring to "Nova Science Publishers;

"JSTOR Arts and Sciences II", a collection of the leading 125 journals in the fields of arts and humanities, mentions 22 articles with references or reviews of Nova titles;

"Central and Eastern European Library Online", a new full-text bibliographical service, covering over 190 journals published in the new Eastern Europe, mentions 14 Nova titles etc. etc.

"Project Muse", a free international internet bibliography, refers to 31 Nova Science publications

* "Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Politikwissenschaft", a freely available German on-line reference service for world-wide political science, initiated at Hamburg University, mentions the following references to Nova Science Publishing titles:

"WWW-Suchraum Politikwissenschaft" • 134

"WWW-Suche [Seekport]" • 94

"SSG-OPAC Politikwissenschaft. Friedensforschung" • 25

"World Affairs Online [FIV IBLK]" • 30

"Internationale Bibliographie der Sozialwissenschaften [IBSS]" • 197

"GBV - Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund" • 634

"KOBV Digitale Bibliothek Berlin-Brandenburg" • 9

"hbz-Verbundkatalog [NRW]" • 1

"HeBIS - Hessisches BibliotheksInformationsSystem" • 8

"SWB - Südwestdeutscher Bibliotheksverbund" • 168

The current catalogue contains the following references to authors from the following major Universities around the world:

Nova Science Publisher titles and contributions from the world’s top 20 Universities


1 Harvard Univ 62

2 Stanford Univ 28

3 Univ California - Berkeley 27

4 Univ Cambridge 47

5 Massachusetts Inst Tech (MIT) 20

6 California Inst Tech 38

7 Columbia Univ 94

8 Princeton Univ 13

9 Univ Chicago 33

10 Univ Oxford 28

11 Yale Univ 33

12 Cornell Univ 35

13 Univ California - Los Angeles 21

14 Univ California - San Diego 19

15 Univ Pennsylvania 50

16 Univ Washington - Seattle 7

17 Univ Wisconsin - Madison 10

18 Univ California - San Francisco 13

19 Johns Hopkins Univ 24

20 Tokyo Univ 90

Also, researchers from some of America's leading government research institutions published with Nova:

US Military Academy 11

US Air Force Academy 7

Defense Intelligence College 6 titles

Rand Corporation 5 titles

Hudson Institute 3 titles

US Naval War College 1

US Army War College 1

Over recent years, Nova increasingly also published authors from Asian Universities

Nova Science Publishers titles and contributions from the 10 leading Asian Universities

1 Tokyo Univ 20

2 Kyoto Univ 22

3 Australian National University 57

4 Hebrew Univ Jerusalem 64

5 Osaka Univ 67

6 Tohoku Univ 18

7 Univ Melbourne 35

8 Nagoya Univ 25

9 Tokyo Inst Tech 53

10 Hokkaido Univ 18

In addition, Nova also publishes a great number works by European researchers:

Nova Science Publishers titles and contributions from the 10 leading European Universities

1 Univ Cambridge 47

2 Univ Oxford 28

3 Imperial Coll London 19

4 Univ Coll London 64

5 Swiss Fed Inst Tech - Zurich 9

6 Univ Paris 06 12

7 Univ Utrecht 27

8 Univ Copenhagen 16

9 Univ Manchester 23

10 Univ Paris 11 56

Estimated geographical distribution of titles and contributions outside the US

(Method: catalogue catchwords [product description] "University" + "country name". The following table contains just a sample of countries)

307 Australia

302 Germany

280 China

261 Russia

223 India

205 Canada

140 Poland

129 Turkey

109 Israel

107 Brazil

102 Sweden

79 Finland

76 South Africa

65 New Zealand

63 Argentina

54 Iran

47 Norway

34 Ireland

17 Pakistan

14 Saudi Arabia

Some characteristics of the global publishing program (Library of Congress: 2536 titles)

The Library of Congress currently lists 2536 Nova Science Publishers titles (search August 11, 2007).

Top 10 titles

Their 10 most widely read titles - in terms of academic library presence around the globe) - are:

1. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge / Author: Cogwell, Mathew T. Publication: New York : Nova Science Publishers, 2002

2. Smoking : the story behind the haze / Author: Koven, Edward L. Publication: New York : Nova Science Publishers, 1996

3. Affirmative action : catalyst or albatross? / Author: Colamery, S. N. Publication: Commack, N.Y. : Nova Science Publishers, 1998

4. The history of weather / Author: Williams, James Thaxter. Publication: Commack, N.Y. : Nova Science Publishers, 1999

5. The Black male in white America / Author: Gordon, Jacob U. Publication: Hauppauge, N.Y. : Nova Science Publishers, 2002

6. Lethal mists : an introduction to the natural and military sciences of chemical, biological warfare, and terrorism / Author: Taylor, Eric R. Publication: Commack, N.Y. : Nova Science Publishers, 1998

7. Can't live without it : the story of hemoglobin in sickness and in health / Author: Hazelwood, Loren F. Publication: Huntington, NY : Nova Science Publishers, 2001

8. Adult guide to children's team sports / Author: Humphrey, James Harry, 1911-; Yow, Deborah A. Publication: New York : Nova Science Publishers, 2002

9. Agriculture and the environment / Author: Uri, Noel D. Publication: Commack, N.Y. : Nova Science Publishers, 1999

10. Global climate change / Author: Karling, Horace M. Publication: Huntington, N.Y. : Nova Science Publishers, 2001

Social Sciences

In the social sciences, Nova published articles and books by authors in the field of world system research.

World systems research authors and international political economists, publishing with Nova

Scholars with a high ISI Web of Science impact factor, such as Samir Amin, Patrick Bond, Christopher Chase Dunn, Andre Gunder Frank, Johan Galtung, Almas Heshmati, Kimmo Kiljunen, Syed Mansoob Murshed, Gordon Laxer, Kunibert Raffer, Robert J. S. Ross, Bruce Russett, David Skidmore, Frank Stilwell, Immanuel Wallerstein, Ted Wheelwright, and many others published with Nova.

Referenced Scholarly Journals

Nova's top 5 scholarly journals in terms of library presence around the globe are:

1. Advances in psychology research.

2. Progress in education.

3. Studies of high temperature superconductors : advances in research and applications.

4. European economic and political issues.

5. Current politics and economics of Russia


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