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"Letters: 1938-1946 "- A New Exhibit at the Holocaust Center in San Francisco

A new exhibit at The Holocaust Center of Northern California called "Letters: 1938-1946" is available for viewing, beginning November 5, 2007.

"During Nazi occupation many European families found themselves separated - on one site family members safely living in the United States or England, and on the other - family and friends living under threat of extermination. The letters on display, selected from collections of the HCNC Archives, were written by those trapped in Nazi-occupied Europe. Letters sent to them are lost. Each letter is just one small part of a true story of real men, women and children trapped by dangerous events in a terrible time. The love, anguish, persistence, courage and heartbreak they express are a testament to each individual, the lives they led and those they lost”.

The Holocaust Center of Northern California, located at the 121 Steuart Street, Suite 10 in San Francisco, is dedicated to the remembrance of the Holocaust through its commitment to education, documentation, research, and the recording of oral testimonies of eyewitnesses to the Holocaust.


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