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Censorship: Internet Filtering

Documentation of Internet Filtering Worldwide, a project of the OpenNet Initiative, is seeking to document and analyze Web pages that have been blocked by, for example, countries wanting to restrict access to information for their citizens, or businesses that wish to disallow viewing leisure sites on company time.

"With this project we seek to document and analyze a large number of Web pages blocked by various types of filtering regimes, and ultimately create a distributed tool enabling Internet users worldwide to gather and relay such data from their respective locations on the Internet. We can thus start to assemble a picture not of a single hypothetical World Wide Web comprising all pages currently served upon it, but rather a mosaic of webs as viewed from respective locations, each bearing its own limitations on access. As various countries, companies and other entities employ or consider employing filtering software, documentation of the specific details, successes, and in some instances flaws of existing filtering efforts may prove helpful. (See European Union Internet Action Plan - Filtering & Rating, among other entities considering filtering.)"


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