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Login problems on Macs and/or PCs

Question: What do I do when I cannot log-in?

Answer: Some users have experienced problems logging onto the iMacs and PCs. This seems to effect users who,

  1. have not reset their passwords in a long time
  2. have not used a cluster computer in the past 2 years (which would have required them to reset their password)

The iMacs connect to an LDAP server in order to authenticate users using their SUNet ID account. Users who have not changed their password in years are on an old kerberos database which doesn't work with the LDAP server. When the user resets their password, they are moved to a new kerberos server that is compatible with LDAP.

Resetting your SUNet ID password
You can either do this by going to or using PC-Leland. PC-Leland is the quickest way to do this. Find a machine that is running PC/Mac-Leland. You'll see an icon in the system tray for PC-Leland. To reset your password using PC-Leland:

  1. Right-click on the PC-Leland icon in the system tray
  2. Make sure that you are logged into PC-Leland. If you are logged into PC-Leland, go to step 3 If you are not logged into PC-Leland, select "Login..."
  3. Select "Change Password..." Type your current password in each of the empty boxes that appear
  4. Click "Ok".
  5. One last thing, when you login to Windows machines, make sure you login to the domain (unless you know you have an account in one of the other listed domains).

The changing of the password fix is a one time fix so you should not have to do this again. Soon, we should not being seeing this problem anymore. Most users have probably reset their password by now.


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