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Conspiracy Theory (Spring 2008)

Resource Guide for PWR 1: Conspiracy Theory (Jonah Willihnganz, Spring 2008)

Librarian: Rose Harrington,
The Resource Guide is organized to reflect the process of research methodology. Most research on a new topic begins with a general understanding of the subject. Reference material offers the opportunity to do background reading. Among the benefits of using the reference collections are they will inform you of key concepts, capture important historical moments, and offer biographical, historical, and geographical information. Bibliographies that include circulating volumes and articles on your subject are in the reference collections. There are three reference collections in Green Library:Information Center, HASRC, SSRC. Each branch library or Coordinate Library has its own reference collection.
Starting Point:Guide for PWR Students. The guide combines links to the Catalog, Databases, Refworks, Maps, Images, how to get help, etc., all on one easy page.

The Research Quick Start Guides and Research Subjects A-Z also link to recommended reference material and resources within Green Library. These guides direct you to sources for articles, books and reference materials on specific subjects. Those below might be helpful for your topic:

  • Current Events
  • Film and Media Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Guide for PWR students
  • Literary Studies
  • Psychology
  • Public Opinion
  • Sociology
  • U.S. History

    An example of one search I did to find reference materials: I entered popular culture into the everything box (EB) of Socrates' Combined Search. I limited the Green Location to Information Center. I repeated the Combined Search twice more and limited to the HASRC and for the second search to the SSRC.
    Some reference works are:

  • American Decades E169.12.A419
  • Chronicle of America E 174.5 C55
  • Cinema : year by year, 1894-2005 HASRC PN1993.5 .A1 C5663 2005 F
  • Conspiracy theories in American history : an encyclopedia E179 .C66 2 volume set
  • Distrust SSRC BF575 .T7 D57 2004
  • Encyclopedia of American Studies E169.1 E625
  • Encyclopedia of Ethics BJ63.E45
  • Encyclopedia of Human Behavior BF31.E5
  • Encyclopedia of Psychology BF31.E52
  • The Film encyclopedia Information Center PN1993.45 .K34 2005
  • The Oxford guide to film studies Information Center PN1995 .O93 1998
  • World almanac & book of facts
    IC Ready Reference Current Year 2007
    Information Center AY67 .N5 W92 for preceding years

    Having reviewed the research guides and developed a broader understanding of your topic reading reference sources, continue to the second step in narrowing your subject, by searching Socrates’ Combined Search for circulating volumes and perhaps DVD's and videos. Socrates does not search for articles. Socrates searches all campus libraries, unless you limit your search to a specific branch or Coordinate library.

    Another search that I conducted was typing (anger or fear)and culture into the Everything Box (EB) and limiting Format to books. The EB is a keyword search which searches all the fields in the catalogue record. Socrates will retrieve records that have culture and anger, culture and fear, or culture and fear and anger. I chose the Details option of records that seemed relevant to learn the subject terms. Next, I narrowed my research by performing Subject searches. Fear and Anger are both Library of Congress Subject Terms. I honed further by selecting format. You can repeat the keyword (everything box) and subject searches and limit to the various branch libraries or Stanford's Coordinate Libraries.

    A final example of a Socrates’ Combined Search:
    I entered the keyword (EB):fear or anger or mistrust. In the subject box (S), I typed: psychological aspects. In this search, Socrates matches all records with psychological aspects in the subjectfield. The retrieved records with psychological aspect in the subject field, will also have one, two, or all three of the keywords somewhere in the catalogue record. Again, these searches could be narrowed by language, format or library.

    Subject headings might appear on the right of the retrieved options. These could offer additional search terms or research ideas.

    Search a title that is listed below to learn its subject headings. Remember the linkable Nearby Items on Shelf option that is listed above Holds and Location at the bottom of the catalogue record. By clicking this link, you can browse the library’s collection by call number to find material that your search terms might not have retrieved.


    Below are materials discovered searching Socrates’ Combined Search.


    • The age of anxiety : conspiracy theory and the human sciences SAL 3 HM15 .S545 2001
    • Fear : a cultural history BF575 .F2 B687 2005
    • Fear itself : the origin and nature of the powerful emotion that shapes our lives and our world BF575 .F2 D65 1998
    • The psychology of fear and stress BF575 .F2 G73
    • Social rage [electronic resource] : emotion and cultural conflict ELECTRONIC RESOURCE ACCESSIBLE VIA SOCRATES
    • The trouble with blame : victims, perpetrators, and responsibility HM291 .L235 1996
    • Understanding social anxiety : social, personality and clinical perspectives HM291 .L358 1983


    • The age of anxiety : McCarthyism to terrorism E748 .M143 J64 2005ON RESERVE FOR TWO HOURS AT GREEN'S LOAN DESK
    • Believed-in imaginings : the narrative construction of reality BF408 .B39 1998
    • Even paranoids have enemies : new perspectives on paranoia and persecution JC585 .E84 1998
    • Conspiracy and paranoia in contemporary American fiction : the works of Don DeLillo and Joseph McElroy PS374.C594 H36 1994
    • Conspiracy culture : from the Kennedy assassination to The X-files E169.12 .K57 2000 ON RESERVE FOR TWO HOURS AT GREEN'S LOAN DESK
    • Conspiracy nation : the politics of paranoia in postwar America E169.12 .C66 2002 ON RESERVE FOR TWO HOURS AT GREEN'S LOAN DESK
    • Conspiracy theories : secrecy and power in American culture HV6275 .F45 1999 ON RESERVE FOR TWO HOURS AT GREEN'S LOAN DESK
    • Delusion and belief LANE MEDICAL LIBRARY BF1031 .C187 1926
    • Delusion and mass-delusion [print] LANE MEDICAL LIBRARY BF441 .M44 1949
    • Delusions : investigations into the psychology of delusional reasoning RC553.D35 G37 1994
    • Empire of conspiracy : the culture of paranoia in postwar America PS374 .C594 M45 2000
    • Paradigms of paranoia : the culture of conspiracy in contemporary American fiction PS374 .C594 C63 2005 ON RESERVE FOR TWO HOURS AT GREEN'S LOAN DESK
    • Political paranoia : the psychopolitics of hatred JA74.5 .R55 1997
    • The Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories GRPC 1147



    • I : the meaning of the first person term P240.85 .D4 2006
    • Representation and the text : re-framing the narrative voice PN771 .R47 1997
    • The world without, the mind within : an essay on first-person authority BD450 .G266 1996
    • Who's writing this? : notations on the authorial I, with self portraits PN145 .W45 1995


    • The age of manipulation : the con in confidence, the sin in sincere P96 .P75 K38 1993
    • Conspiracies, cover-ups, and crimes : political manipulation and mind control in America E743 .V36


    • The anatomy of illusion : religious cults and destructive persuasion BP603 .K45 1987
    • Coercion : why we listen to what "they" say P94 .R87 1999
    • Constructing social psychology : creative and critical processes HM251 .M394 1999
    • People-reading : how we control others, how they control us BF632.5 .B44
    • Persuasive messages : the process of influence HM1196 .B46 2008
    • Psychiatry and the CIA : victims of mind control BF633 .W45 1990
    • Seeking and resisting compliance : why people say what they do when trying to influence others BF637 .P4 W55 2002
    • Social psychology : handbook of basic principles HM251 .S6743 1996


    • Aristotle on emotion : a contribution to philosophical psychology, rhetoric, poetics, politics, and ethics 2nd ed. B491 .E7 F67 2002
    • Bias in human reasoning : causes and consequences BC53 .E83 1989
    • Experience, memory, and reasoning BF441 .E96 1986
    • The psychology of proof : deductive reasoning in human thinking BF442 .R56 1994
    • Thinking and reasoning BF441 .G234T 1994


  • Contemporary American screenplay collection Special Collections PN1997 .A1 C66 1990 BOX 1
  • The Gordon file : a screenwriter recalls twenty years of FBI surveillance 1st ed. PS3557 .O65425 Z44 2004

  • Framework : a history of screenwriting in the American film 3rd ed. PN1996 .S76 2000
  • Image-based research : a sourcebook for qualitative researchers SAL 3 GN347 .I43 1998

  • Real screenwriting : strategies and stories from the trenches PN1996 .S87 2006
  • Screening culture : constructing image and identity PN1995.9 .I49 S38 2003
  • Screenwriters on screenwriting : the best in the business discuss their craft 1st ed. PN1995 .E67 1995
  • Storytelling in film and television PN1992.7 .T47 2003
  • Visual research methods : image, society, and representation H62 .V57 2007
  • Understanding movies 11th ed. PN1994 .G47 2008
  • Words into images : screenwriters on the studio system 1st ed. PN1996 .D38 2007

    Other Suggestions: Browse Periodicals In Green Current Periodicals (CPR) Peer-reviewed journals and magazine titles are arranged alphabetically in Green CPR and its IC Display area. In Current Periodicals, the call number is on the face of the box to locate previous years in Green stacks or to page from the SAL facilities. Current Periodicals and IC Display issues do not circulate.


  • Cineaction (includes international films) PN1993 .C495
  • Cineaste (“leading magazine on the art and politics of the cinema”)PN1993 .C5
  • Cinema Journal: (the journal of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies) and others PN1993 .C58
  • Film Studies (history)PN1993 .F6113
  • Film History PN1993 .F535
  • Film Criticism, and others PN1993 .F45
  • New cinemas : journal of contemporary film PN1995 .N394


  • Vanity Fair IC Display AP2 .V36


    • Aggression and Violent Behavior BF575.A3 A34

    • Culture and Psychology BF1 .C82

    • Journal of risk and uncertainty BF448 .J68

    • Journal of social and clinical psychology BF1 .J7 V.1 1983

    • Personality and social psychology review : an official journal of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Inc. BF698 .A1 P5

    • Social cognition BF311 .S64


    • Basic and Applied Social Psychology HM251 .B375
    • Cultural Dynamics HM101 .C865
    • Cultural Critique HM101 .C82
    • Journal of American Culture HM101.J67
    • Journal of Applied Social Psychology HM251 .J54
    • Social Psychology Quarterly HM1 .S54
    • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology HM251 .J56
    • Sociometry a journal of research in social psychology HM1 .S54
    • Sociologus HM3 .S6

    Searching for articles is the final part of finding and evaluating research material for your paper. Articles are usually the most specific research resource. Search databases to find magazine and peer-reviewed articles. Most databases are subject specific but a few are general/interdisciplinary databases.

    • America: History and Life and Historical Abstracts – Find abstracts of books, book reviews, dissertations and journal articles, many full-text, on world history.

    • Articles First: Interdisciplinary database with articles in the Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences

    • ATLA--indexes articles on Religion and Philosophy

    • Academic Search Premier - Find articles on topics in all disciplines, many full-text. Interdisciplinary/general database

    • Communication Studies: Mass communication, media studies, written communication

    • EconLit:EconLit covers virtually every area related to economics.

    • ERIC: Indexes articles and resources in Education

    • Expanded Academic ASAP - As above, another general database, with both popular and scholarly articles. Interdisciplinary/general database

    • Film and Television Literature Index (use print in the Information Center after 2001) – “annually indexes 150 film and television periodicals from 30 countries cover-to-cover and 200 other periodicals selectively for articles on film and television. The periodicals range from the scholarly to the popular.”

    • JSTOR

    • Fulltext articles available in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences. There is a gap of five years, so articles available are through 2003.

    • Lexis-Nexis Academic

    • Fulltext database of newspaper article from the world's major news sources, and US newspapers. Wire service transcripts are also available.

    • MLA International Bibliography – Database for resources about language, folklore, and literature; includes both articles and book chapters and is international in scope.

    • The NationThe Nation is America’s oldest weekly magazine and one if its premier journals of opinion since its inception in 1865. The Nation has long been regarded as one of the country’s definitive journalistic voices of writing on politics, culture, books, and the arts, and continues to stand as the independent voice in American journalism.
    • Project Muse Comprehensive selection of prestigious humanities and social sciences journals to support a core liberal arts curriculum. Every journal is heavily indexed and peer-reviewed, with critically acclaimed full-text articles by the most respected scholars in their fields.

    • PsychArticles - Provides the full-text of scholarly journal articles published by the American Psychological Association.

    • PsychInfo – Find journal articles, abstracts of books, and other literature in psychology, including material on persuasion/advertising.

    • Sociological Abstracts – Resources about social change, social problems, popular culture, with many full-text articles.

    • Sociology: A SAGE Full-Text Collection -Articles on contemporary sociology, comparative sociology, and consumer culture.

    • Readers Guide RetrospectiveIndexes articles from the popular magazines. Coverage is from 1890-1982. Aeronautics, African-Americans, Aging, Archeology, Astronomy, Automobiles, Biographies, Business, Children, Education, Environment, Fashion, Film, Fine Arts, Food, Foreign Affairs, Gardening, Health, History, Hobbies, Home, Journalism, Leisure Activities, Literature, Medicine, Music, News, Nutrition, Photography, Politics, Popular Culture, Radio, Religion, Science, Sports, Technology, Television, Travel.

    • Worlwide Political Science Abstracts-Subjects covered: Politics, international relations, government, public policy

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