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Q&A: a New Yorker article on Lexis Nexis

Question: How do I search LexisNexis Academic? I'm looking for the electronic version of a New Yorker article about the early history of the birth control pill. Searching Academic Search Premier, I find that it was published March 13, 2000 and was written by Malcolm Gladwell. Clicking on the Find It @ Stanford button, I'm told that it's available fulltext on Lexis Nexis Academic. Clicking on that link and doing an author search, I get 50 articles by Malcolm Gladwell, but not the one I want. Is the article there?

Answer: The article is there. You've come across an ongoing problem with Lexis Nexis Academic. When you search this article by its title, John Rock's Error, you get the article. If you search it by author, it won't come up. The problem is that, in this case, and in many others with this database, Lexis Nexis has entered the name of the author in the Headline field, so searching in the Author field misses it. Quality control in Lexis Nexis isn't all it should be, so one should always look for an item in more than one way, especially if you suspect that the item should be there. Try the Guided News Search to use keywords or dates of publication to find your article.

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