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Q&A: articles in old German language newspapers

Question: I need to look for an article in the 2001 issues of Die Zeit. What index is there to that paper?

Answer: The only German language newspaper index available is called the Zeitungs-Index, which we subscribe to. We have from 1974 through 1994, then there is a gap until 1999, then another gap until 2003. We have a standing order, but those issues were never delivered. There is also a CD-ROM produced by Zeitungs-Index, which covers from 1982 through 1989, and we have that as well.

We have checked with the publisher and with other libraries, and these gaps are universal. There is a German language bibliographic essay of this problem at:

dating from 1994, so this problem has a long history. So the full answer is that currently there is no index to the 2001 issues of Die Zeit or any other German language newspaper, other than what one can find by open-ended web searching.

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