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Q&A: Finding British Colonial Office Reports

Question: I've heard that Stanford has a very large collection of reports from the old British colonies world wide. But I'm only finding a few of these. How do I go about getting a complete list of what's available?

Answer: British Colonial Office annual reports on colonies, now countries, have been issued in the Parliamentary Papers series, meaning that you need to know the paper number for each country for each year. Our former African bibliographer,

John Rawlings, has constructed a finding list of report numbers that you might want to check.

Print versions of many of these are shelved in SAL under the general series call number of: 325.342 .G787 (bound in parliamentary paper order, not by year.) See Socrates, Author search for: Great Britain Colonial Office, with library set to SAL.

A complete collection of these are also available in the Parliamentary Papers microfiche. MFICHE 446, British Documents, Jonsson Library of Government Documents, Green Library, Bing Wing, Cabinets 31 through 35.

A print index for 1801-1900 is shelved in SSRC Z2019 .C62 1991. (for the microfiche) The fiche are also indexed by the CD-ROM in the Information Center, Green Library, East Wing, CD-ROM Station No. 2: Index to the House of Commons Papers.

Later reports are shelved under LC call numbers, and are fully cataloged (see Socrates).

Added note:

Until 1922, the Annual Reports of the colonies and possessions were also included in the Accounts and Papers of the Parliamentary Papers. So for the years 1900 through 1921, you can find paper copy of these Annual Reports in Green Library British Documents, Parliamentary Papers, Accounts and Papers, call no. J301.K63. These duplicate the holdings in the Stanford Aux. Library for those years noted above.

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