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Spring "Speaking of Computers" Online

Getting restless awaiting the spring '08 issue of Speaking of Computers? Well, the wait is over. Conveniently accessible with the click of your mouse, you can check out Speaking of Computers today at

This e-newsletter highlights the latest news in technology-related and computing activities, services, and resources on the Stanford campus. You'll find articles in the spring issue that cover such topics as:

And much more!

Note that there are links at the top of the newsletter's home page and at the top of each section's home page to make browsing and printing entire sections easier. You can also browse the table of contents and read the articles of your choice online, or you can print "printer-friendly" copies of individual articles.

Speaking of Computers is published at the beginning of Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters by SULAIR Publications.

Sign up here for a publication announcement for each issue of Speaking of Computers.

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