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The Virtue of Vice and The Vice of Virtue: The Rhetoric of Criminality (Hunter, Donna PWR 1) Winter 2008

Resource Guide for PWR 1: The Virtue of Vice and the Vice of Virtue : the Rhetoric of Criminality (Guide for PWR Students. The guide combines links to the Catalog, Databases, Refworks Maps, Images, how to get help, etc., all on one easy page.

The Research Quick Start Guides and Research Subjects A-Z also link to recommended reference material and resources within Green Library. These guides direct you to sources for articles, books and reference materials on specific subjects. Those below might be helpful for your topic:

  • African American Studies
  • Current Events
  • Encyclopedias and Handbooks
  • Ethnic Identity in the United States
  • Psychology
  • Public Opinion
  • Sociology
  • U.S. History

    Reference Material:An example of how I searched for reference material follows: I entered crime or criminal into the everything box (EB) of Socrates' Combined Search. I limited the Green Location to Information Center. I repeated the Combined Search twice more and limited to the HASRC and for the second search to the SSRC.

  • American Decades Information Center E169.12.A419
  • Chronicle of America E 174.5 C55
  • Contemporary youth culture : an international encyclopedia Information Center HQ796 .C8154
  • Crime and criminals: HV6789 .C6887 2000
  • Crime and the justice system in America : an encyclopedia HV6789 .C6884 1997
  • Encyclopedia of world crime : criminal justice, criminology, and law enforcement HV6017 .E54 1989

    Having reviewed the research guides and developed a broader understanding of your topic reading reference sources, continue to the second step in narrowing your subject, by searching Socrates’ Combined Search for circulating volumes and perhaps DVD's and videos. Socrates does not search for articles. Socrates searches all campus libraries, unless you limit your search to a specific branch or Coordinate library.

    Another search that I conducted was entering drugs and (race or class or crime) into the everything box (EB) and limiting Format to books. The EB is a keyword search which searches all the fields in the catalogue record. I chose the Details option of records that seemed relevant to learn the subject terms. Next, I narrowed my research by performing subject searches. I honed further by selecting format. A final example of a Socrates’ Combined Search:
    I entered the keyword (EB): crime. In the subject box (S), I typed: mass media united states. In this search, Socrates first retrieves all records with mass media united states in the subject field and then eliminates all records except those that have the word crimesomewhere in the record. Again, searches can be narrowed by language, format or library.

    Subject headings might appear on the right of the retrieved options. These could offer additional search terms or research ideas.

    Search a title that is listed below to learn its subject headings. Remember the linkable Nearby Items on Shelf option that is listed above Holds and Location at the bottom of the catalogue record. By clicking this link, you can browse the library’s collection by call number to find material that your search terms might not have retrieved.

    Below are materials discovered searching Socrates’ Combined Search.


  • Afro-American women writers, 1746-1933 : an anthology and critical guide PS508 .N3 A36 1988
  • American prisons : an annotated bibliography Z5703.4 .P75 M33 1998
  • Bibliography on the fear of crime : mass media research and assorted subjects Z5703.5.U5.W74
  • Black Americans in autobiography : an annotated bibliography of autobiographies and autobiographical books written since the Civil War Rev. and expanded ed. Z1361.N39 B67 1984
  • Black English; an annotated bibliography Z1234.D5.L43
  • Black males in the United States : an annotated bibliography from 1967 to 1987 Z1361.N39 E93 1988
  • Black/white relations in American history : an annotated bibliography Z1361 .N39 T57 1998
  • Crime and punishment in America : a historical bibliography Crown Law Library Z5703.5 .U5 C7 1983
  • Crime in the United States : a selected bibliography SAL 1&2 Z7164.A2 P83 NO.2370

  • Criminological research : a selected bibliography SAL 1&2 Z7164.A2 P83 NO.2369
  • Inequities in American education : race, class and gender issues : a bibliography Z7164 .S66 C66 NO.65
  • Memoirs of American prisons : an annotated bibliography Z5703.5.U5 S9
  • The papers of W.E.B. Du Bois, 1803 (1877-1963) 1979 : a guide Z6616 .D8 M35
  • The pen is ours : a listing of writings by and about African- American women before 1910 with secondary bibliography to the present Z1229 .N39 Y44 1991
  • Race and crime : an annotated bibliography Crown Law Library Z5703.5 .U5 R87 2000
  • Research resources in criminology SAL 3 Z5703.5.U5.G63

    African American United States (father or men or male or patriarchy)

  • Against the odds : the meaning of school and relationships in the lives of six young African-American men Education Library LC2779 .P75 2000
  • The assassination of the black male image E185.86 .O33 1994
  • The Black male in America : perspectives on his status in contemporary society E185.625 .B56
  • Black masculinity : the black male's role in American society E185.86 .S72 1982
  • Constructing the Black masculine : identity and ideality in African American men's literature and culture, 1775-1995 E185.625 .W355 2002

  • Deconstructing Tyrone : a new look at Black masculinity in the hip-hop generation 1st ed. E185.86 .H748 2006
  • Disarming manhood : roots of ethical resistance HM1281 .R53 2005
  • Dismantling black manhood : an historical and literary analysis of the legacy of slavery E443 .B47 1997
  • The gender of racial politics and violence in America : lynching, prison rape, & the crisis of masculinity E185.61 .P594 2001

    Crime United States—political and social aspects

  • Confronting confinement : a report of the Commission on Safety and Abuse in America's Prisons HV9469 .C664 2006
  • Crime in the city : a political and economic analysis of urban crime HV6789 .R385 2003
  • Crime, punishment, and politics in a comparative perspective Crown Law HV6001 .C672 V.36(2007)
  • Cruel justice : three strikes and the politics of crime in America's golden state HV9305 .C2 D66 2004
  • Families shamed : the consequences of crime for relatives of serious offenders HV6030 .C66 2007
  • Governing through crime : how the war on crime transformed American democracy and created a culture of fear HV6789 .S57 2007
  • The honest politician's guide to crime control HV6041 .M64 1970
  • Language of the gun : youth, crime, and public policy HV9105 .A68 H37 2006
  • Loving big brother : performance, privacy and surveillance space HM846 .M34 2004
  • The politics of injustice : crime and punishment in America HV6789 .B38 2000
  • Urban politics, crime rates, and police strength HV8138 .S78 2005

    Crime and Race, Gender, and Class

  • Crime and race : conceptions and misconceptions Crown Law Library HV6197 .U5 W6 1964
  • Crime control and women : feminist implications of criminal justice policy HV9950 .C74314 1998
  • The Economics of race and crime HV6791 .E28 1988
  • Federal white collar crime : cases and materials 2nd ed. Crown Law Library KF9350 .A7 O88 2003
  • Lying, cheating, and stealing : a moral theory of white-collar crime / Stuart P. Green. K5018 .G694 2006
  • The many colors of crime : inequalities of race, ethnicity, and crime in America / edited by Ruth D. Peterson, Lauren J. Krivo, and John Hagan. Crown Law Library HV6789 .M34 2006
  • Private prisons in America : a critical race perspective HV9469 .H256 2006
  • Race, crime, and justice Crown Law Library KF9223.A75 R4 1972
  • Race, ethnicity, and the American criminal justice system : a resource guide for teachers Crown Law Library KF4764 .Z9 H84 2005
  • Racializing justice, disenfranchising lives : the racism, criminal justice, and law reader HV9950 .R34 2007
  • White victims, black villains : gender, race, and crime news in US culture PN4888 .C8 S83 2006

    Crime and Media

  • Black demons : the media's depiction of the African American male criminal stereotype P94.5 .A37 R66 2004
  • Captured by the media : prison discourse in popular culture P96 .C74 C37 2006
  • Constructing crime : perspectives on making news and social problems-2 copies Green Library and Crown Law Library KK6864.S275 1994
  • Courts, counselors, & correspondents : a media relations analysis of the legal system Crown Law Library KF9223.5 .S73 1993
  • Crime and law in media culture P96 .C74 B76 2003
  • Greasers and gringos : Latinos, law, and the American imagination KF4757.5 .L38 B46 2003
  • Race to incarcerate Rev. and updated, 2nd ed. HV9950 .M32 2006
  • Representing order : crime, law, and justice in the news media PN4784 .C8 E74 1990
  • Tabloid justice : criminal justice in an age of media frenzy P96.C742 U63 2001
  • Talking the walk : a communications guide for racial justice P94.5 .M552 U63 2006
  • Violence in American society PN4181 .R42 V.70:NO.1

    Delinquency and Gangs

  • Adolescent victimization and delinquent behavior HV9104 .H27 2007
  • All God's children : inside the dark and violent world of street families HV6439.U5 D46 2007
  • Boys among men : trying and sentencing juveniles as adults HV9104 .M94 2005
  • Changing lives : delinquency prevention as crime-control policy HV9104 .G685 2006
  • Cops and kids : policing juvenile delinquency in urban America, 1890-1940 HV9104 .W64 2005
  • Delinquency among African American youth : parental attachment, socioeconomic status, and peer relationships HV9104 .C34 2007
  • Engines of the Black power movement : essays on the influence of civil rights actions, arts, and Islam E185.615 .E54 2007
  • Literacy and advocacy in adolescent family, gang, school, and juvenile court communities : CRIP 4 life HV6439 .U5 S615 2006
  • Saving children from a life of crime : early risk factors and effective interventions HV9104 .F37 2007
  • Communism and the moral breakdown in America; a documented story of the way big business organizations were duped and prominent people exploited in a scheme to destroy a nation-wide program established for the prevention of juvenile delinquency HQ796 .C87
  • Street corner society; the social structure of an Italian slum SAL 3 364.632 .W629 1943
  • Our teen-age boys and girls; suggestions for parents, teachers, and other youth leaders, 371.52 .C953 1945

    Drug Testing

  • An evaluation of innovative sweat-based drug testing techniques for use in criminal justice drug testing [microform] SSRC (Social Sciences Resource Center) C 13.58:6825
  • Drug use, testing, and treatment in jails J 29.13:D 84/6
  • Ten steps for implementing a program of controlled substance testing of juveniles J 32.2:AC 2/2000/MAY-2
  • What you need to know about drug testing in schools PREX 26.2:T 28/2

    Drugs and (race or crime or delinquency)

  • Complex criminal litigation : prosecuting drug enterprises and organized crime 2nd ed. Crown Law Library KF9375 .G87 2000
  • Dance, drugs and escape : the club scene in literature, film and television since the late 1980s HM646 .B44 2007
  • Drugs in America : sociology, economics, and politics HV5825 .H213 1998
  • Drugs in American society 7th ed. HV5825 .G63 2008
  • Federal drug offenders, 1999 with trends Crown Law Library 1984-99 HV5825 .S356 2001
  • Handbook of basic principles and promising practices on alternatives to imprisonment In Process
  • Race, gender, and punishment : from colonialism to the war on terror HV9950 .R333 2007
  • Unequal under law : race in the war on drugs Crown Law Library KF4755 .P76 2007
  • United States : punishment and prejudice : racial disparities in the war on drugs HV8079.N3 U557 2000
  • The youth gangs, drugs, and violence connection Government Documents J 32.10:Y 8/6

    King, Martin Luther and Social Justice

  • Blessed are the peacemakers : Martin Luther King Jr., eight white religious leaders, and the "Letter from Birmingham Jail" F334 .B69 N415 2001
  • Liberating visions : human fulfillment and social justice in African-
  • American thought E185 .F8265 1990

  • Love, power, and justice as central elements in a view of social change : a comparison and evaluation of the thought of Reinhold Niebuhr and Martin Luther
  • King, Jr E185.97 .K5 B870 1974A

  • One dream or two? : justice in America and in the thought of Martin Luther King, Jr E185.97 .K5 S35 2002
  • The quest for social justice : a study of Walter Rauschenbusch and his influence on Reinhold Niebuhr and Martin Luther King, Jr BX6495 .R3 B78 1980A

    Prisons or Rehabilitation United States

  • Barriers to reentry? : the labor market for released prisoners in post-industrial America HV9304 .B357 2007
  • Big prisons, big dreams : crime and the failure of America's penal system HV9304 .L96 2007
  • The celling of America : an inside look at the U.S. prison industry 1st ed. HV9469 .C46 1998
  • Crack cocaine and the experience of African American women : a statistical study of positive treatment outcomes RC568 .C6 O53 2007
  • Cruel and degrading : the use of dogs for cell extractions in U.S. prisons JC585 .H86 V.18:NO.5
  • Encyclopedia of prisons & correctional facilities QH505 .E443 2001
  • Incarceration, reentry and child support issues : national and state research overview report Government Doc. HE 24.2:IN 2/4
  • Inside : life behind bars in America 1st ed. HV9471 .S35 2006
  • Merchandizing prisoners : who really pays for prison privatization? HV9469 .P745 2006
  • Prison governors : managing prisons in a time of change HV8756 .B79 2007
  • Prison work : a tale of thirty years in the California Department of Corrections HV9475 .C2 W55 2005

    Slavery and Psychology

  • Cultural trauma : slavery and the formation of African American identity E185.625 .E96 2001
  • How America's first settlers invented chattel slavery : dehumanizing native Americans and Africans with language, laws, guns, and religion E441 .O765 2005
  • St. Thomas Negroes-- a study of personality and culture / NO CALL NUMBER Lane Medical Library Holding which appears to be at SAL 3. Location notes read: SAL3 SHELVED AS A PERIODICAL UNDER: Psychological monographs ; v. 55, no. 5.

    Electronic Resources Available through Socrates:

  • Black rage in the American prison system [electronic resource]
  • Crime, media, culture [electronic resource].
  • Crime, neighborhood, and public housing [electronic resource]
  • Delinquency, development, and social policy [electronic resource]
  • Delinquency, schools, and the social bond [electronic resource]
  • Feeding the fear of crime [electronic resource] : crime-related media and support for three strikes
  • How the justice system responds to juvenile victims [electronic resource] : a comprehensive model
  • Illicit flows and criminal things [electronic resource] : states, borders, and the other side of globalization
  • Media and crime [electronic resource] / Yvonne Jewkes.—Ebrary
  • Principles of drug abuse treatment for criminal justice populations [electronic resource] : a research-based guide
  • Prison, inc. [electronic resource] : a convict exposes life inside a private prison
  • Psychiatric disorders of youth in detention [electronic resource]
  • Race, gender, and mental illness in the criminal justice system [electronic resource]
  • Screening and assessing mental health and substance use disorders among youth in the juvenile justice system [electronic resource] : a resource guide for practitioners
  • Street gang patterns and policies [electronic resource]
  • Violence by gang members, 1993-2003 [electronic resource]


    Films and Visual Material Use Combined Search in Socrates and limit the Format to Films/Visual. The following might be useful:

  • On "Black dispossession" [sound recording] ZCS 105
  • Brute force [videorecording] ZDVD 15379 BOOKLET
  • Criminals [videorecording] ZDVD 1646
  • Doing time [videorecording] : life inside the big house ZDVD 12457
  • The jail [videorecording] ZDVD 12694
  • Martin Luther King and the struggle for a new Black education [sound recording] ZCS 116
  • No Loans Today [videorecording] : South Central Los Angeles ZVC 12899
  • Omar & Pete [videorecording] ZDVD 12456
  • The psychological residuals of slavery [videorecording] ZVC 11582
  • Race to execution Crown Law Library 8699.U5 R33 2006
  • Scared straight! 20 Years Later ZDVD 9706

    Searching for articles is the final part of finding and evaluating research material for your paper. Articles are usually the most specific research resource. Search databases to find magazine and peer-reviewed articles. Most databases are subject specific but a few are general/interdisciplinary databases.

    Academic Search Premier A General/Interdisciplinary Database
     Alternative Press Index
     Alternative Press Watch
     America: History and Life—American History
     ERIC (EBSCO)—Education
     Ethnic Newswatch
     Expanded Academic—General, Interdisciplinary database
     Family Studies Database—sociology and social sciences database
     Guide for PWR
     JSTOR
     International Bibliography of the Social Sciences/IBSS
     Lexis/Nexis Academic
     MLA
     New York Times Historical
     CSA Psyc Articles Full-text Psychology
     CSAPsyc Info Psychology
     CSA Sociology Abstracts

    Other Suggestions: Browse Periodicals In Green Current Periodicals (CPR). Peer-reviewed journals and magazine titles are arranged alphabetically in Green CPR and its IC Display area. In Current Periodicals, the call number is on the face of the box to locate previous years in Green stacks or to page from the SAL facilities. Current Periodicals and IC Display issues do not circulate.

  • Aggression and violent behavior
  • Crime and Justice
  • Crime, histoire & sociétés
  • Culture and Psychology
  • International Journal of Mental Health
  • Journal of American and Comparative Cultures
  • Journal of American Culture
  • The Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture
  • Journal of Family Development
  • Journal of Family Issues
  • Journal of Family Violence
  • Journal of Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Sage Family Studies Abstracts
  • Youth and Society--Cubberley Education
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