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The Pennsylvania Evening Post (1776-07-06)

The Pennsylvania Evening Post, printed by Benjamin Towne from 1775 - 1784, is famous for printing the Declaration of Independence (see below) and many other historical documents of the day. According to Robin Shields, Reference librarian at the Library of Congress' Serial and Government Publications Division,Towne was a Philadelphia printer...

located "in Front-street, near the London Coffee-House," was the first to print the Declaration in a newspaper. On July 6, 1776, The Pennsylvania Evening Post, which was published every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, carried the Declaration on the front page. At this time Towne was an ardent patriot. However, Towne was an opportunist and a turncoat. He switched sides several times during the war, depending on whether the British or the Americans were occupying Philadelphia at the time. By the end of the war he was viewed as a traitor. He lost most of his subscribers and advertisers. He started printing The Pennsylvania Evening Post every day, making it the first daily newspaper in the United States.

after the British evacuated, Towne became the sole printer left in the city. He thus secured contracts from the Continental Congress and the state government.

Besides being available digitally in America's Historical Newspapers, the title and many others are available in microfilm (call # MFILM N.S. 12607 REEL 1) as part of the Early American Newspapers collection in the Media Microtext Collection (Lower Level).

The Pennsylvania Evening Post (1776-07-06)

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