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Ampex vintage video machine in Green

In September of 2007, a new media display was installed on the first floor of Green East adjacent to the Newspaper collections. The large device enclosed in plexiglass is a early two-inch VRX-1000 videotape recorder, the fourth such item ever produced. It was manufactured by the AMPEX corporation and purchased by CBS for use in their Television Broadcast Network in 1956. The artifacts of the AMPEX corporation are part of the Universities Special Collections.

Historical Collection of Ampex Corporation, 1944-1999.
Gift of Ampex Corporation.
Ampex Corporation was one of Silicon Valley's pioneering technology companies and, for over five decades, an industrial leader in magnetic recording and data storage. The collection, 577 linear feet in size, includes the artifacts of the former Ampex Museum of Magnetic Recording, an extensive photographic archive of more than two hundred thousand images, documentation and product files, and Ampex publications. These materials will provide scholars with a major resource in the history of audio and video recording technology and the early development of Silicon Valley.

Jack Mullin / Bill Palmer Tape Restoration
Project Recordings, c1943-1950.
Gift of Richard Hess.
Richard Hess, noted audio preservation expert and member of the Audio Engineering Society, donated this set of digital recordings. The original audio recordings, made on German magnetophon equipment, were in the possession of William A. (Bill) Palmer and John T. (Jack) Mullin after World War II. They played a role in convincing Alexander Poniatoff, the founder of Ampex Corporation, of the importance of this technology. The digital restoration project recordings document the early days of audio recording in the United States and include performances, outtakes, and advertising from a number of performers, including Bing Crosby, Burl Ives, Dinah Shore, and Peggy Lee.

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