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Danah Boyd: open-access is the future: boycott locked-down academic journals

Danah Boyd is a PhD student at UC Berkeley's school of information. Here's her impassioned plea for open access journals:

"I vow that this is the last article that I will publish to which the public cannot get access. I am boycotting locked-down journals and I'd like to ask other academics to do the same."

Make sure you read the comments too. For example, Peter Suber, one of the foremost open access advocates, recommends using the SHERPA/RoMEO database to find out whether a given journal or publisher allows for some form of author self-archiving; and Danah herself points to critiques of her stand in this comment.

Bottom line -- no matter which side of the open access debate you find yourself intellectually -- is to hold on to your copyright (or demand that the journal accept a creative commons license), ask the journal in which you're publishing about their rules for pre/post-prints and individual archiving, and ask your library how they can help you archive and distribute your article more widely (i.e., via institutional/post-print repositories etc).

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